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Is Google Adwords better than Facebook Ads?

As a leading digital marketing agency, we at Rhino Digital Media are often asked about the best way for a local business to spend advertising dollars. In 2018, we’re far enough along into the digital age that most companies understand the importance of maintaining an online marketing presence, towards their goal of attracting, converting, and retaining a customer base. Just about everyone is aware that Google and Facebook are major players in this arena, but many can’t decide which of those is a better use of their marketing budget.


Let’s take a look at these two powerful channels: Google AdWords and Facebook ads, to see which provides more value to you as a business owner. But first, I’d like to talk about each of these platforms, so we’re clear about what they are and how they work. Then we can examine the pros and cons of each, and try to determine which will give you the results you’re looking for.


What is it? 

AdWords is Google’s online advertising service. It delivers brief snippets of advertising content to users of Google’s web search, based on the subject matter that they’re searching for. It uses what is typically known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, a business model in which the advertiser pays based upon the number of times that users click on the link in their ads. 

How does it work? 

Google AdWords is generally referred to as “paid search”. It shows your content to users, based on keywords (words or phrases that people include in their search queries). Your ads will appear at the top of search results on Google’s own page, or on pages on other websites or mobile apps. These ads may be text-based, or they may include other media, like photos or even YouTube videos. You can target local customers only, if that fits your business model, as well as reaching out to specific regions or countries. The pay-per-click model means that your cost is based on the number of times that someone actually clicks through to your website.

Facebook users aren’t looking for anything in particular, and they probably aren’t there to shop. They do, however, reveal a lot of information about about who they are and what they’re interested in during their time on Facebook. You can target your audience based on a variety of demographic parameters, as well as their interests and behaviors.

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How Social Media Can Change Your Business

As we move into 2018, it seems difficult to even remember what it was like when our entire culture wasn’t completely immersed in social media. This is true, not just for those who were born or came of age well into the digital era, but for those of us who were around earlier as well. I myself was somewhat reluctantly dragged into the social media world, and mentioned in a blog right here on the Rhino site that it seemed redundant and unnecessary to have yet another way to stay in touch with my friends and family. Yet at this point in time, it seems almost impossible to get by without staying connected to at least one or two social networks.

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Email Marketing For Local Business

Websites For Pest Control

It can be quite a challenge to find the best way to market your pest control company in this day and age. To begin with, pest control is what you might call an “old school” business. By that I mean that the industry has been around for a long time, and it hasn’t changed all that much. I mean, bugs are bugs, and houses are houses, and they’re pretty much the same as they were ten years ago, or even fifty or a hundred years ago. Cockroaches, for example, are not only one of the most ubiquitous pests today, but they’ve also been around, in basically the same form, for about 300 million years. That means that they existing, long before humans walked the earth. In fact it places them right about the same time as dinosaurs.

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How to Build Your First Online Sales Funnel

As you begin to delve into the world of marketing, you will no doubt see an enormous amount of literature on the topic of lead generation, even here on the Rhino blog. Indeed, much of what we do in our digital marketing efforts focuses on catching people who may have a need for what you’re selling, who we call leads. But of course, that’s only the first step of the process. What we really need are closed sales, and those are still a few steps down the line. In between the point at which we first make contact with a lead and the point at which they become a customer, lies the heart of the sales process. In order to better understand the process through which leads are converted to customers, it’s convenient to use a common diagram: the sales funnel.

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Is There a Best Time of the Year to Start Your Digital Marketing Strategies?

We like to think that there’s an appropriate time and place for everything. For instance, baseball should only be played in the spring and summer, because the other seasons are just too cold and wet. And everyone who works in an office knows that the last two weeks of December are terrible for appointments – everyone is gone!

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Going Virtual With Your Marketing: What Does That Mean?

Media these days is filled with buzzwords, and one that I can’t seem to get away from is the word “virtual”. It’s great that there’s a way to categorize “trending” topics, but sometimes when we hear these words or phrases so many times, they seem to begin to lose their meaning. In this case, there’s virtual reality, a lifelike computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional world within which one can move around and interact with the environment. In the tech world, we have virtual machines, which are essentially programs that simulate actual computers, running an operating system and applications. There’s even such a thing as a virtual piano, a program that lets you experience playing the piano online using your computer. But what’s virtual marketing, and how does it apply to your business?

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Partnering With A Marketing Agency To Help Grow Your Business

Here at Rhino, we have the opportunity to work with an incredibly diverse group of business clients, who offer a wide range of products and services, both to consumers as well as to other companies. But there’s one thing that they all have in common: they’re all looking for ways to increase the volume of their business. Unless you’re running a one-person shop with no intention of expanding, it’s essential to maintain a sustained marketing effort in order to grow your business. In many cases, that’s best accomplished by partnering with a marketing agency.

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