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4 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Blog Posts

An Inside Look at Working as a Business Blogger

Being a business blogger is not an easy job. Oh sure, it sounds pretty simple: it’s just a blog, how hard can that be? Plenty of mediocre writers and thinkers have blogs of their own. But when you’re writing for a business blog, you have a very crucial role in the organization. You’re the one who’s going to be responsible for bringing the visitors in, enticing them with your topics and educating them with your words. That doesn’t sound so easy or simple now, does it?

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The Reason Behind Blogging and Why it Creates More Website Traffic

It’s a question I have wondered once or twice myself – why the heck do we need so many blogs? As I slaved away at my keyboard (#FirstWorldProblems), agonizing over the latest paragraph, I pondered what the purpose of it all was. How could a 500-word article written by me convince someone to do business with us?

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Creating Content for Prospects in the Consideration Stage

Prospects will always undertake a “buyer’s journey.” This process describes how a customer would complete a purchase for an item that fulfills a need. There are three steps to this process:

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Writing for the Potential Customer: How to Pique Their Interest

Unless you’ve been writing in a professional capacity, you probably haven’t picked up a pen (or should I say, picked up a keyboard?) in a very long time: perhaps since college, or maybe even high school. The good news is, we’re not talking about writing term papers or citing research journals – mercifully, this is a much simpler form of writing. But it’s still going to be much different than writing for any other audience or in a different capacity.

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Do I Have the Time to Write a Business Blog?

If there’s one thing inbound marketers seem to spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about, it’s blogging. I suppose it’s easy to understand why: most of these people are marketers, not writers. The idea of churning out a steady stream of 300-600 word articles probably sounds like a nightmare to these people.

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3 Reasons Your Blog is Not Attracting New Website Visitors

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: most writers hate writing. Seriously. Take it from someone who writes on a daily basis, sometimes it’s a real drag. You stare at that blank page and wonder how you’re going to fill it.

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15 Statistics That Prove Your Business Needs to be Blogging

We practice what we preach here at Rhino, which means we’re always researching how we can appeal to potential clients and looking at the hot trends in our market. Examining trends and keyword rankings helps us determine what kind of content our potential customers are looking for, and they always seem to search for help blogging. Apparently, blogging is a major concern for many small businesses, and I understand why: as someone who blogs constantly, I know that it can be challenging and intimidating.

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