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Dentists and Inbound Marketing

We have had some great success working with local Dentists. One of my first experiences with a dental client happened a few years ago when I received a telephone call from a dentist in Coralville, Iowa. This dentist had found our agency from a blog I wrote about reducing the amount of money you spend on yellow page advertising. CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE

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Web Marketing for Dentists: Where Should Your Budget Go?

I’ll be honest with you. Web marketing and budgeting, for dentists, is not one of the most inherently exciting topics I’ve written about. As a content specialist at Rhino, I know that not every article I write is going to have a theme that really gets my juices flowing. But most of the time, I know that there’s a target audience who is going to be really interested in the subject matter. But in this case --- that may not be true. I mean, most dentists, I’ve known, even the really talented, passionate ones, are interested in serving their patients, and learning about the latest advances in dental technology. As far as the business side of things, like web marketing, and the budgeting therein, maybe not so much. And for the rest of us, who aren’t dentists, well, let’s just say that most us don’t really get all that excited about our visits to the dentist.

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Why Dentists Should Outsource Their Marketing To A HubSpot Partner

I do a fair amount of writing about marketing, especially online marketing, some of which is very general information, and some is specifically targeted to people in a particular field. But when I write articles aimed at dentists, I sometimes feel like a strange visitor from another planet. It doesn’t surprise me that marketing is something of a foreign concept to healthcare professionals in general. I understand that you didn’t go to school to learn marketing, or probably any aspects of business. Anyone wanting to practice any form of medicine went through a rigorous regimen of schooling, which is, of course, highly technical in nature, and that’s plenty to work with. And for dentists, you’ve got much more in the way of specialized information to absorb, and new innovations in dentistry to stay on top of all the time. So, I fully get it, that marketing may not be in the forefront of your most immediate priorities. 

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Keywords For Dentists

This is going to be a relatively short blog. In other words, I just want you to check this out for yourself. If you find out you have a problem, contact us immediately.

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