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Yellow Pages make me mad as hell, I’m not going to take it anymore.

Have you been getting the run-around with your local yellow page company? Do they come back year after year with more excuses and new snake oil remedies to cure your ROI blues? Only to leave you with an auto renew contract and nobody to call when you have a problem?

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Yellow Pages Loses Almost 20% Of It's Pages

 In a spin off from another yellow page blogger Mike Blumenthal, I decided to take a look at the fate of my home town phone book. I live in Northern California in an area known as the Tri-Valley. It is a nice suburb of the San Francisco Bay Area with good strong median income, high property values and a reasonably good economy.

There is no good reason why if the Yellow Pages works as an advertising medium that it would not be strong in this market and this economy. However, when the book arrived at my doorstep the other day, I could not help but notice that it could almost slip under the door it was so thin.

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How Can I Stop Advertising In The Yellow Pages?

For so many small and medium size business owners, paying a monthly bill to the yellow pages company is almost a habit. Often times when we speak to yellow page advertising customers they don’t even know what they are paying for.

For the past decade or so, the print yellow pages have been on the decline. Depending on your location and your line of business the depth of that fall may be different. But what goes without question is that the print yellow pages are not long for this earth. As a matter of fact, on more than one occasion the CEO of YP (formerly AT&T Yellow Pages) has stated that they will be shutting down the print of yellow pages city by city as the decline reaches a certain point. In a recent article in MediaPost News YP CEO, David Krantz said the following,

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Get Your Yellow Page Ad Designed For FREE

But before you get too excited about having a FREE ad design, are you sure it's the ad that's your problem?

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Should I Spend Money In The Yellow Pages?

That’s a question asked by many business owners today. Those business owners generally come in two categories, the business owner who already spends money in the Yellow Pages and the business owner who is contemplating spending money in the Yellow Pages.

Let’s define what advertising in the Yellow Pages means today. Yellow Pages used to mean the phone book. The book that was delivered to your door with Yellow Pages and local businesses advertising on those yellow colored pages.

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Google - Is It The Yellow Pages of Today?

In the good old days BG (before Google) man used a simple and useful directory to find local business owners. It was called the Yellow Pages. It was simple to purchase an ad and it was delivered every year like clockwork. The only big problems were the ridiculous costs as appropriated by a monopoly giant and the issue of a mistake not being able to be corrected for a year. That’s when the next printed publication came out.

Advertisers who wanted a larger coverage area than their primary heading or their primary directory area would have to purchase multiple ads or listings. For example, I live in Northern California and if an advertiser wanted to cover the entire San Francisco Bay Area in Yellow Page advertising he/she would have to advertise in approximately 20 telephone books. Then if they wanted to advertise in 3 or 4 headings/categories in the telephone directory they might end up with 60-80 individual advertising items.

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Yellow Page Advertisers | 2 simple ways to convert to online marketing

For the past decade or so the Yellow Page print companies have been trying to match their double digit decline in print with double digit growth in online. The primary problem for them has been that they are not an online company. They are an old time print centric company wanting to retain their revenue by offering online products.

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YP & YELP - A Marriage Made In Heaven Or In Hell?