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So You Bought a HubSpot Subscription, Now What?

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve certainly gathered by now that we’re big advocates of using HubSpot to manage and coordinate your content marketing campaign. So perhaps you’ve taken our advice, and have made the first move towards an inbound marketing campaign, and you’ve bought a HubSpot ...

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What are the Necessary Components for Generating Leads Online?

When people look for marketing answers, they always seem to be looking for the same topics. How can I generate leads online? What do I write my blog articles about? How do I market on social media? We see these questions all the time, and if you look around
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4 Simple Tips for Writing Effective Marketing and Sales Emails

Email is still quite necessary for work and business. Everyone still communicates with their bosses and coworkers via email regularly, and emails are a critical component of inbound marketing. If you’re not using ...

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3 Unique Online Lead Generation Ideas

Here on our blog, I have a philosophy I like to espouse: never miss out on an opportunity for some marketing. Basically, this is meant to remind marketing professionals or business owners to always think about possible marketing promotions. For instance, we often discuss connecting sales promotions to ...

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What’s So Great About HubSpot’s Software?

Regular readers of our blog are intimately familiar with HubSpot – probably because we never stop talking about it! I admit, I love to mention all of the great features that come with this marketing automation software. It certainly makes my life much ...

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3 Reasons Your Content Offers Aren’t Being Downloaded

The inbound marketing formula has one simple equation at the center of it, which is vitally important: visitors view your content as strong and worthwhile, which leads them to download content offers to get more of it. But that download actually causes the visitor to become a lead, and that’s great for us: ...

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How to Get Discovered Online as a Small Business

I’m a frequent user of old sayings and clichés, as any regular reader has probably noticed. I know clichés are supposed to be old and tired, but they exist for a reason – most of the time, because there’s a great deal of truth behind them! So allow me to tell you another of my favorite old sayings – “like ...

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3 Reasons LinkedIn is Important for B2B Marketing

I’m a big fan of Tina Fey, and was a devoted follower of her hit show “30 Rock” throughout its run. The show introduced us to one of the most entertaining characters in recent television history, the charismatic and cunning career capitalist,
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