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Online Lead Generation for Business Owners

Owning your own business can often feel like a very thankless and difficult position. For starters, the entire success or failure of your company is sitting squarely on your own shoulders. If your business isn’t making money, the first person who gets the blame is you – after all, who runs this joint?


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Why Aren't My Landing Pages Converting?

An Inside Look at Online Lead Generation For Lawyers

There’s one simple fact that’s true throughout the business world, regardless of what type of company you’re running. If you’re going to stay in business, you’re going to need customers. And to get customers, you’re going to need to get a steady flow of
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4 Mistakes Business Owners Make With Content Marketing

Content marketing continues to be a growing trend in the world of marketing. Recent studies by the Content Marketing Institute reveal that 77% of B2C marketers and a staggering
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4 Reasons Online Lead Generation Works For Dentists Also

It can be quite a challenge for dentists and other healthcare professionals to market themselves. I know, you went to school to study medicine and dentistry, not to be a salesperson. And, to be honest, most people aren’t exactly going to the dentist because they want to be there, so they’re “shopping” for a ...

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5 Reasons Your Website Conversion Rates Are Abnormally Low

When we talk about websites, most of the discussion tends to focus on traffic. We’re always concerned with how to get traffic to the site through search engine ranking, social media linking, and so on. But once we get visitors to the site, what happens to them? Really, we need to be concerned not just with ...

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How to Establish Trust With Your Leads Generated Online

We all are guilty of having some trust issues in our lives. Whether it’s with loved ones, a significant other, coworkers, our boss, the government or corporations, we’re all a little distrustful of someone or something. But the real issue at hand isn’t so much trust; it’s vulnerability. We have a problem ...

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3 Marketing Tactics We Can Learn From the Internet’s Most Popular Sites

You know what the internet’s most popular sites are. You don’t know all of them, but you’ve visited at least a few of them, probably in the last week. Heck, maybe even today. Your Facebook news feed and Twitter timeline are populated with links from these sites.

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