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The Yellow Pages Are Dead!

After spending a really fun career selling yellow pages print advertising, I can say unequivocally, they are a thing of the past. Not too long ago my local phone book would be delivered and it was the better part of 6 or 7 inches thick. It was bustling with advertising, coupons, full color advertisements on the back cover and one ...

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Making the Transition from Yellow Pages Advertising to Digital Marketing

It is a rare occurrence if you see the Yellow Pages book on anyone’s doorstep anymore, and seeing someone actually using one would be like spotting a unicorn. In our high-tech world, there is just no need for a book of ads anymore. People do everything they can to escape advertisements, and if they need a phone number, it is easier to just ...

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Determining If Yellow Pages Advertising Is Working For Your Business

I’m going to probably really date myself when I tell you that I remember a time when the yellow pages was the first place, if not the only place, to look for any type of a business or store. It served another excellent purpose as well, at least if you grew up in a big city, like I did, where it was a huge volume: as a booster seat to help ...

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Can Online Yellow Pages Advertising Help Boost My Site Traffic?

As a sports fan, I often find myself watching ESPN or its networks, despite the fact the quality has gone down over the last few years. Occasionally, that includes catching the TV simulcast of ESPN Radio’s popular Mike & Mike in the Morning radio show. ...

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Are the Yellow Pages Making a Comeback?

Like any good American, I do my best to avoid commercials as much as possible. Thanks to DVR, we’ve now been spoiled with the ability to record our favorite shows and fast forward through commercials with ease. But despite my best efforts, I still occasionally have to sit through some advertisements, and lately I’ve been seeing a major ...

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Should the Yellow Pages be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy in 2015?

If you’ve followed our blog (and you should definitely be subscribed to it, because we bring you good stuff), you should have an idea regarding how we feel about the yellow pages. If you’re still relying on the yellow pages as your primary marketing method, you’re paying way too much for an ineffective and inefficient service.

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Yellow Pages Advertising in the Eyes of an Inbound Marketer

When you think of the yellow pages, you probably conjure up images of a thick, musty old book with crinkly pages. But when an inbound marketer thinks of the yellow pages, they feel the same way a writer probably feels when they see a typewriter: why would anyone ever subject themselves to using such an antiquated tool, when there are far ...

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Google IS the Modern Version of the Yellow Pages

For most of the 20th century, if you wanted to market your business, you had very limited options: print advertisements, television or radio. But even then, television and radio could be very expensive, so most businesses resorted to
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