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Yellow Pages Print is Dying, but What About the Internet Yellow Pages?

We’ve covered the continual demise of the print yellow pages on this blog, with both anecdotal and statistical evidence. If you’re not convinced that yellow pages print advertising is ...

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Content Marketing Services vs. YP Advertising (Print and Internet)

If your business is still investing in yellow pages advertising, there could be a few reasons why: maybe there’s a long-standing relationship with the yellow pages, or perhaps you’re just unaware of the alternatives. But you’re probably not sticking with them because you’re getting great results – the yellow ...

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Are You Measuring the ROI of Your Yellow Pages Advertising?

If you own a business, whenever you make an investment, it’s important to analyze your ROI: Return On Investment. That way, you can measure how effectively you’re spending your money.
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3 Reasons Why YP's Internet Products Will Disappoint You and Your Boss

If you’re still doing business with the yellow pages, it’s likely not your decision: many yellow pages customers have long-standing relationships with them, so it’s probably your boss that wants to continue advertising there. But by now, even your boss probably realizes the print yellow pages are going the ...

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By the Numbers: Proof Yellow Pages Advertising is Dead

The yellow pages are dead. You know it, I know it, everybody knows it. When was the last time you pulled out that big yellow tome and actually looked up a business or service? I’d bet it wasn’t this year; heck, it probably wasn’t even this decade.

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I'm Tired of Yellow Pages Advertising, but What are my Alternatives?

If you’re still advertising with the yellow pages, you probably have a long-standing relationship with them. You’ve spent years signing those 12-month agreements, paying hefty fees for an ad in that big book. But now, in the digital age, you might be wondering why you’re still doing it – does anyone actually ...

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B2C Content Marketing Vs. Yellow Pages Advertising

When you’re in the B2C arena, marketing and advertising are a huge factor in the success of your business. As great as your products or services may be, you’re not going to make sales unless people know about them.

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3 Obvious Reasons Yellow Pages Advertising Does Not Work Anymore

There was a time, not so many years ago, when a great big yellow book was the key to the local business world. If you wanted to locate a nearby business or service, you had no choice but to consult the yellow pages. But this was a time before the mighty Google, before the smartphone, before the internet ...

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