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How to Transition From Yellow Pages Advertising to Inbound Marketing

If you’re still spending your money on yellow pages advertising, you’re making an unwise business decision. Not only are the yellow pages expensive, their reach continues to fall every year. Yellow pages used to dominate the local business ad market, but people are now turning to the internet instead, and in huge numbers.

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Are YP's Online Products Effective?

For years, the yellow pages were the go-to resource for local business listings, and therefore the logical place for local businesses to place advertisements. But during that era of yellow pages dominance, the internet began to flourish and has now overtaken the yellow pages as the best marketing tool for local businesses.

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When Will the Last Yellow Page Ad be Printed?

IIt’s been said that nothing lasts forever, and in the digital age, that is especially true. During the dot-com boom, tech empires were built up fast, and then toppled even faster. But one relic has somehow survived long past its due date: the yellow pages.

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Yellow Page Advertisers: Time to Embrace the Decline

For decades, there was always one source you could depend on for finding local businesses in a hurry: the Yellow Pages. Just like clockwork, every year, that thick yellow book would get flopped on your front door step, and you’d have immediate access to businesses all around you.

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Renewing Your Yellow Pages Contract is Like Skydiving: DANGEROUS

The headline of this blog isn’t meant to scare you away from skydiving: in general, skydiving has become so commonplace that it’s actually safer than ever. There was only one fatality for every 133,333 dives attempted in ...

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Is There a Place for the Yellow Pages in Your Marketing Strategy?

For decades, the yellow pages reigned supreme as the best marketing tool for small businesses. Delivered every year, without fail, to your own doorstep, the yellow pages were found in every home and were the go-to resource for anyone in search of a business or service. But those were also the days of three major television networks and ...

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3 Reasons Business Owners are Still Paying for Yellow Pages Advertising

Many business owners are still dumping huge sums of money into yellow pages advertising, but that’s a tremendous mistake; in fact, “dumping” may be the best word to use, because that money is being wasted. Your ROI (return on investment) for yellow pages ads is very low, and the yellow pages have a very limited reach.

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Yellow Pages - How to break free

Moving your budget out of the yellow pages and into an online internet marketing strategy can be more difficult than you might think. Often times the problem is not making the decision to eliminate some or all of the Yellow Pages, its how complicated it becomes dealing with the Yellow Page company.

It is not uncommon for a ...

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