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Our exclusive Pest Control marketing agency is dedicated to delivering quick and efficient results utilizing all of the best tools and practices available to deliver total local online market domination for your company.
Rhino Pest Control Marketing is composed of a talented group of digital marketing professionals available to act as your virtual marketing team! With our team of talented individuals that your company will have available to them, it would cost thousands of dollars in salary and benefits to hire a team like this. Why not take advantage of the best pest control, local U.S. talented digital marketing team and use them to provide you the best online presence and sales results for your pest control company?
So what exactly do we do to help your company be the most dominant pest control exterminating company in your town, city or region?
It starts when you raise your hand in interest to finding out what it might look like to have an agency like ours at your disposal to help you grow and dominate in your local marketplace.
1. Audit the current state of your online presence and dominance.
2. Review your website and all of its pages for search and index score.
3. Evaluate your use of all Google tools and whether you are currently taking advantage of the many free and paid options Google has to offer.
4. Research your SEO and keyword standings for the most important keywords, phrases and combinations of keywords for local search in your area.
5. Establish a content strategy built on content marketing best practices.
Using established procedures in pest control keyword topic clusters and keyword density for your entire website and all of your documents, social media, blog articles, etc.
6. Google Ads and other paid online advertising.
We will work together with you and your team to determine if paid advertising is a good path for your company to take and what it would look like in terms of a budget and ROI to be successful. We will also work with you to evaluate all of the available online advertising sources that exist which may be of interest to a pest control owner or manager.
7. Social media branding and growth.
Social media is a necessary evil that cannot be overlooked. With the sheer volume of people, content, engagement and reviews that exist on Facebook and Instagram, we must evaluate the social media condition of your company and make educated recommendations on ways to use social media as a tool for business growth to you.
8. Reviews and reputation might be the lifeblood of today’s home service industries with Pest Control right at the top of the list.
If your marketplace can find you and you have a large volume of 5-star reviews with lots of great things being said about you, you are in a great place. On the other hand if you have little or no reviews or worse yet nothing but a couple of bad reviews, we will establish an ongoing strategy to obtain lots of 5-star reviews. Each week, month and year until you are the most liked Pest Control company in your market area.
9. Evaluate your efficient and effective use of email to market, follow up and promote seasonal specials.
We’ll make sure you have a monthly newsletter going out and that you have ongoing messages of value to your existing customers and those who are not yet subscribed for a service agreement.
10. Take a long and hard look at your sales process and your sales conversion rate.
Without any question, this is an area that ALL pest control companies lack in and leave a constant flow of change on the table! If you were to do absolutely nothing with your marketing efforts but only improved overall sales conversions by 5%, you will see an immediate increase in cash. It really requires a special focus and its absolutely the key to a nice ROI.
Since 1994, Rhino has been providing superior marketing solutions for many types of B2C and B2B business organizations. Unlike most agencies who were focused on a large market enterprise clientele and ignoring a vast majority of the business marketplace, Rhino dedicated itself to providing high quality marketing and advertising solutions that concentrated on accelerating the small to medium-sized business market and providing a measurable end result.
We have seen first hand how inbound marketing can transform a business. With this seamless and highly effective approach, your business can start to increase a measurable return on investment (ROI), create meaningful marketing channels and increase customer loyalty.

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