Social media is a great tool for pest control companies to use to build a strong reputation online

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Social Media for Pest Control

Over 70% of Americans use social media daily. If you are not utilizing at least one of these platforms, you are missing out on valuable business opportunities. Social media marketing allows you to build credibility in your local service area, increase your brand awareness, and generate leads all while promoting your services to the right prospects.

Your company is the expert when it comes to pest control. So let your current and future customers know that by engaging with them on a platform that shows your business’ personality. Your social media content should be interesting, entertaining, valuable and educational to grow your online followers and increase your brand awareness.

Word of mouth has always been the gold standard for bringing on new customers. With social media, you’re spreading the message of your company’s value more efficiently. Testimonials from happy pest-free homeowners gives you the social proof you need to acquire new leads. What better way to expand your reach than to take advantage of social media marketing.

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Social Media Marketing Guide for Pest Control 

In this guide you will learn everything you need to know to effectively start using social media to help grow your pest control business. 

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