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Websites for Pest Control

Grow your online presence with a website infrastructure that is designed to attract quality prospects and increase customer loyalty with a SMART® Pest Control Website.

Rhino Pest Control Marketing works with your business to establish a strategic goal for your online presence and creates a seamless website infrastructure that attracts quality prospects to your site. Our website packages are engineered to increase sales opportunities for your pest control organization. Your website will act as your best performing salesperson.

A SMART® Pest Control Website is more than just the design of your site. It’s a website architecture that is built to nurture prospects through the buying cycle, which will convert them into loyal customers. Having an attractive-looking website alone isn’t enough anymore, and with our SMART® Pest Control Website system, we will optimize your website for a complete web experience that will increase customer loyalty.

  • Optimized Site Pages for All Locations Served
  • Optimized Site Pages for All Services
  • Lead Generation
  • Automated Marketing Execution
  • Sales Enablement
  • Optimized Site Pages for All Target Pests by Location
  • Highly Targeted Keyword Content for All Page
  • Customer Engagement
  • Progressive Prospect Profiling
  • CRM Integration

In pest control, it is quite common for companies to launch a website that appears like a coffee table brochure or handout. A website is not a document nor a brochure! Your website is your salesperson and must be treated as such. A highly-performing website generates new leads and business for your company every week!

What is the primary function used to grow a profitable and successful pest-control business using your website to generate new customers and revenue?

Think of it this way; if you were to hire a salesperson whose job was to go out into your local marketplace and sign-up new pest-control customers every day, what would you consider to be a successful or unsuccessful week? How would you evaluate their sales success to the company each month? What would you consider as okay, great, or a reason to fire them?

With that in mind, a website is an investment that needs to generate revenue and profit. It is not an expense! Think about that for a minute. A pretty website that has no traffic and converts no leads is worthless to you. A highly optimized and functional website that generates traffic and leads is worth its weight in gold to you and your company. Do you know how much traffic your website generates each month? What pages generate the most traffic and leads? Is investing money every quarter to keep your website growing and producing new business something you would or should do?

What is a website?

It’s a gathering of individual pages or URL’s that are a collection of code, text and images that get crawled and indexed by search engines. Google is the main search engine but there are others, and how well your website is constructed and planned will determine its authority in the eyes of the search engines. You can check out how your site ranks very easily by typing the following searches for your area in a search engine on a neutral computer:

  • Pest Control Company Near Me
  • Exterminator Near Me
  • Best Pest Control [My Town]
  • Cockroach Control [My town]
  • Pest Control Company [My town]
  • Exterminator [My Town]
  • Ant Control [My town]

You get the idea; now do some searches in the surrounding market areas you serve. Is your company showing up in a competitive way on the search engine results page (SERP)? Would you call your company for service? The effectiveness of your website has nothing to do with how it looks. Don’t get me wrong, the appearance needs to be professional, and certain elements, like pictures and forms to contact you are important, but pale in comparison to showing up in keyword laden-search queries.

So, to rank highly on search engines, how should a pest-control company’s website be planned out? We know, for example, that as of right now more than 75% of all activity, like searches, clicks, messages, and calls, happen via Smartphone devices. How does your website look on mobile? Can you easily click with your thumb and make contact while using your phone?

Let’s show a basic outline of a successful site plan for a pest control website and you can check it out against yours to see what you think:

Start with the top-line navigation: This is what would appear in your menu at your homepage.

Let’s next look at what your target pest pages might look like. It’s absolutely essential to have target pest pages for your local area and all contingent markets that you may provide service to. Failing to have these is a critical mistake when creating a website. Consider this, if you create a page on your website that doesn’t have a single, solitary optimized purpose, it will serve none. Trying to create a catch-all page that has multiple pests on it will confuse the search engines, and it will never show up for a local search. If the page is about ants, keep it at that. At least when someone is seeking treatment for an ant problem, your page has a chance to index and appear.


Likewise, if you serve multiple communities, towns, or counties, pages for them must be separate on your website. Don’t think you can have several communities mixed up on a page and believe that page will show up on a Google search for all of them. In fact, that page with multiple communities will end up showing up for nothing. Google’s local search algorithms are going to always try to make an exact match. So, if you serve town A and town B, you need to have separate pages for each, along with target pest pages for each to have any chance of showing up in each community’s searches for service. Remember, you don’t have to build this all at once, but it should be your plan to have a large website with individual pages for everything that you want to sell and the place you want to sell them.


This was a crash course in your website architecture, but you cannot do this any other way and expect to receive long-term profit from your website (salesperson). Don’t skimp on your website; this is what can grow your business more than anything else if you nurture it and take care of it monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

Working with a pest-control marketing company will enable you to see the progress your website is making in the online world on a regular basis. In the big picture, this is the sweat equity part of your business, so don’t expect to launch a website on Monday and see results on Tuesday. If you do this right and stick with it long term, it will become your permanent online real estate and deliver new business to your company for as long as your company exists.

There is a lot more to a website than the architecture. After you create your website wire frame outline, you MUST create content optimized specifically for each page. You must perform On-Page SEO to get each page indexed properly.

A highly effective pest-control website will not deliver all of the traffic to the homepage, neither is that what you want. If a prospect does this search query: “I have an ant problem in the kitchen,” you do not want them to land on your homepage to figure out where the ant problem page is. You want that query to end up on the ant page associated with the community he/she lives in. That’s the entire point of your website, and most of the time, that happens on mobile.

Obviously, this is a much more complicated discussion than can be had in this brief guide, but if you do your website right, it will pay you dividends for a very long time. Make it a focal point of your business strategy. Don’t hire a web developer to create your website. Hire a highly skilled pest-control marketing company that can direct the web developer how to do it RIGHT!

Free Website Review

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