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Local Dental Office increases online traffic by 10x!

Daily contacts, call volume and new patients grow by over 200%.


About Coral West Dental

Industry: Health/Medical
Products Services: Dentistry & Sleep Apnea

Based out of Coralville IA, near the University of Iowa, Coral West Dental was founded by Dr. Jeff Rubel, DDS. Dr. Rubel and his team believe in listening to and helping patients achieve their individual needs. He continues to far surpass state mandated requirements for continuing education and remains committed to mastering what he considers to be both an art and science.


The Situation

Coral West Dental was a typical local business that was depending upon the local Yellow Page organization and a few other specialty online firms to deliver online leads and new patients. Unfortunately even though they were spending a substantial amount of money every month, they were not seeing any significant growth in the business.

Coral West approached Rhino Digital Media, Inc. after coming across one of our blog articles on the best way to transition away from old traditional advertising methods and to utilize an inbound strategy.


The Target

We began our partnership and relationship with Coral West Dental after having an initial “inbound marketing assessment” followed up by an “onboarding workshop".

Using the information gathered in these sessions RDM was able to develop a comprehensive plan of action to show Coral West how they could implement a fully integrated inbound marketing strategy. The following steps were put into immediate action after producing our mutually collaborative inbound game plan.

A new website was built on the HubSpot COS to insure that we could utilize the full suite of tools and analytics necessary to manage a great inbound experience. Buyer personas were developed, keywords were evaluated and targeted, a blog editorial calendar was created to insure proper keyword penetration and Google page indexing, 6 content offers were created along with corresponding eBooks, Landing Pages, thank you pages and SMART forms for proper lead nurturing. Workflows were developed to insure a thoughtful drip marketing process. Email templates were created and a full compliment of optimized site pages were created for all areas of services provided by Coral West Dental.

All of this was created with the goal of 1675 unique visitors per month. The statistical goal was to generate leads from 1675 monthly visitors at 2.8% that is 46.9 per month that would convert at a rate of 10% into approximately 5 new patients per month.


The Result

The new website was launched in mid August 2014 and was showing organic traffic below 100 visits per month. In the first six months (August – December 2014) traffic results increased to more than 500 visits per month. By the end of year 1 (August 2014 – August 2015) organic traffic increased to almost 3000 visits per month, almost double the original goal. A phenomenon that developed, as traffic increased was that over 90% of online form contacts converted into patients and online contacts leveled off as in-office telephone traffic continues to increase exponentially. As of December 2015, the Coral West office receives more than 40 new patients each month. That translates into achieving what was the annual goal almost every month.

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