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Online Onboarding™ to Implement Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Generate measurable business results with our solution that aligns with your goals and increases customer loyalty

You need a proven inbound marketing plan that will generate real business results. Online Onboarding™ is designed to align with your business goals and drive customers to your door. With our solution we’ll leverage your business model for success and start growing your online presence.

Online Onboarding™ collectively develops and executes a digital process that aligns your blog, your website and your social media efforts to attract your ideal customers to your business and convert them into loyal, long-term customer relationships. With our online solution, you will have a robust website that is personalized to your target audience and will ultimately increase your return on investment (ROI).

During the Online Onboarding™ we will develop, create and implement the following:

  • Keyword Strategy for site pages and editorial calendars
  • Premium Content Offers written, branded and ready for download
  • Create Calls-to-Action that prompt a response to get you to a powerful landing page
  • Create campaigns that are focused on the buyer personas that came out of your workshop
  • Create targeted, focused and specific blog content for each campaign
  • Create workflows that are developed to nurture and move prospects through the buyer's journey
  • Develop email templates for regular and effective ongoing communication with prospects and existing customers, clients and patients
  • Create a CRM integration strategy where appropriate

A Six-Step Plan to Transition from Yellow Pages Advertising to Content Marketing

Many business owners are stuck in the habit of paying for yellow pages advertising because they do not know the alternatives or they do not know how to transition into a more effective marketing plan.

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