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A Custom-Made Content Marketing Blueprint

The Rhino Content Marketing Blueprint is a custom-made plan created and built completely for your business. The blueprint is born from the comprehensive workshop we have with your team. Inbound  and Content marketing is not a one size fits all strategy. It's very important that your plan is personalized to your business organization, its goals and plans.

By using a thorough workshop combined with a playbook questionnaire we are able to create a custom-made content marketing strategy. This strategy involves the accumulation of very valuable information about you and your organization. This allows us to create and develop exceptionally relevant, helpful and educational content.

The types of information we will gather will allow us to create your custom-made Content Marketing Blueprint. It will provide you and your organization things like:

  • Very specific buyer personas
  • The top problems faced by your prospects that leads them to you
  • The main questions and objections raised during your sales process
  • Problems and pushbacks that slow down your sales process
  • A specific visitor-to-revenue sales funnel model
  • A website architecture plan that is crafted to convert visitors into marketing qualified leads
  • A plan for KPIs or key metrics for monthly measurement
  • Gap analysis of current marketing plans and recommendations for campaigns and premium content offers
  • Current or future plans on CRM usage

RDM knows that every business organization is different and unique. It's for that reason that we put a great deal of effort and importance in the creation of your custom-made Content Marketing Blueprint. We want it to be something that can be used throughout your organization.

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