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Great Content Doesn't Grow On Trees

Marketing Automation Software may make most of what we do in the way of marketing easier, content is still king and creating it is still priority one.

First of all when you write your content it must be done with a purpose. So before you get too fired up and start writing blogs, shooting video or recording audio, think of who, what, where, when, why and how.

WHO – The single most important lesson in content creation is knowing way before you start WHO it is that whatever you are creating is intended to help. By creating Buyer Persona's and identifying their primary pain points you are well on your way to figuring out who your content is intended for. The more you understand about WHO you are communicating with and what it is they need to help them get their answers, the sooner you will be a TITAN in the content creation world.

WHAT – What do they want? What do they need? What is causing the pain? In determining what they may be looking for and what stage they may be at in the buyer's journey, you will understand that what you are creating is intended to be helpful, useful and important to the person. A very good strategy when brainstorming around content is to simply pick the questions your buyer persona would most often ask when interested in what you do. Then answer the questions.

WHERE – Developing content must take into consideration where it will appear and that it can be taken in the proper context. For example, in creating a blog article that is written to provide a set of instructions, it would be best titled with a question. "What's the best example of an editorial calendar?" This will help it be indexed on search properly and invite the searcher that may be looking for help creating their first editorial calendar. In the case of social media for example, we might try producing an infographic that visually illustrates the same thing. It might be titled "5 illustrated steps to create an editorial calendar." These are simply a couple examples in understanding that WHERE your content goes can often be as important as the content itself.

WHEN – This is an interesting point that takes some practice to figure out. Knowing when to place the content can often be an educated guess. For example, some B2C clients get far better results in the evening and weekends when prospects are doing personal items at home or on their phone or tablet. While other B2B clients get the best results in midday workdays. In understanding when, trial and error can be a useful way to determine the right answer. In other words, try different times and monitor your results. When you get the best result, increase the content you place at that time and place.

Content Creation | Inbound Marketing

WHY – Content marketing has become a very important way to communicate with prospects and customers and establish yourself as an expert in your market space or industry. Using best practices in your content marketing is a proven way to increase traffic to your website and social media. By preparing content that is both relevant and useful to well thought out buyer persona's you will become established as a source of information in your area of expertise.

HOW – To start an inbound marketing and content marketing strategy there must come the place to start. Today there are many companies that support automated marketing and provide useful tools and support to help you get started. Many people attribute the term Inbound Marketing to HubSpot. HubSpot maintains that by following some simple steps and sticking to it, after time you shall see results. Those steps are outlined as follows:

  1. Create a robust and comprehensive marketing strategy
  2. Develop and create a SMART Sales Website™
  3. Utilize premium content to generate more and better traffic
    1. blogs
    2. whitepapers/eBooks
    3. video
    4. webinars
    5. podcasts
  4. Maintain metrics and KPI's to track your success

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