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Inbound Marketing Convert Stage

Convert Stage of Inbound Marketing Methodology

Convert at a Higher Rate with Better Traffic

Now that you are seeing a higher volume of unique visitors to your website, the natural next step is to make sure that we convert as much of that traffic into leads as possible. The best way to convert traffic is to have a solid conversion strategy in place and a beneficial way to obtain your leads' contact information. Leads don't give away their contact information easily, and if you want them to provide it, you will need to have some helpful and useful content available to trade for that information. The best way is to have a premium content offer in the form of an ebook, whitepaper, slideshare or other FREE premium content offers.

  • Website & Blog Redesign – In order to convert traffic into leads you need a SMART Sales Website™ and blog that perform like a salesperson and not an online brochure. In order to keep visitors engaged and ready to take some form of action, you need a properly designed website that delivers useful and helpful content to CONVERT into sales opportunities.
  • Forms – The forms that your visits fill out to provide you with their information are critical to the conversion process. By having optimized forms that are SMART in obtaining and progressing contacts' information you will greatly enhance your conversion process.
  • Calls-To-Action (CTAs) – With calls-to-action you really want to have a nicely designed and compelling link, button or banner that makes your offer too good to pass up. Without these CTAs being present throughout your website you will not see the conversions that you desire.
  • Mobile Sites, Optimization & Responsiveness – With most indications that mobile use (smartphones, tablets, laptops) will surpass desktop computer use, it is absolutely mandatory that your website is able to CONVERT from any of these devices.
  • Landing Pages – After a prospect that visted your website has clicked one of those compelling CTAs you have placed throughout your site pages, they should end up on an attractive and equally compelling landing page. By going to a landing page, the prospect is having their offer fulfilled. It is also a place that they can be moved through the buyer's journey by making additional offers and supplying progressively more content.
  • Content Creation – In order to make everything work in the most critical stage of CONVERT, it is essential to have the right content created for the right persona and the right lifecycle stage. When breaking down your content in whatever form it is, make sure that it delivers the buyer through the buyer's journey. That is to say your content needs to be progressive in nature starting with the awareness stage and move the prospect through the consideration stage and ultimately to the decision stage.
  • Lead Nurturing Campaigns / Contact Segmentation – Making sense of all of the contacts you currently have and the leads you generate through your inbound efforts requires some planning. Creating conversion paths means knowing who your contacts are and what place they are in the buyer's journey and your sales funnel. By keeping your leads and contacts divided into segmented lists, you can build lead nurturing campaigns that will move your visitors to leads, conversions and delighted customers.
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