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Inbound Marketing Close Stage

Close Stage of Inbound Marketing Methodology

Close The Leads Into Sales

Things are progressing nicely. We have traffic and are converting that traffic into leads. Now is where the rubber meets the road. All that effort means nothing if we cannot convert those leads into money paying customers. So what's the best way to make that happen? There are marketing tools and other software products available to ensure that you are doing the best job possible on lead to sales conversion rates.

  • Sales Enablement – Sales enablement is ensuring you have the right processes, workflows and systems in place to be prepared for HOT leads once they start to appear. Being sure you are prepared to deal with prospects that want to do business with you may sound simple, but it is an important element in ensuring they become delighted new customers for your business.
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and products allow you to manage your sales funnel and pipeline. By making sure you have current information on all contacts as well as their status within both lifecycle stages and the buyer's journey, you can maximize your sales efforts and maintain critical relationships with your prospects and customers.
  • Lead Management & Reporting – Making sure that your efforts in sales are bringing in and converting the best leads is essential to any closed loop reporting method. Do you know if you are closing your best leads? Using and integrating a CRM can help you evaluate and grade just how effective your marketing efforts are integrating with your sales efforts.
  • Sales Lead Nurturing Campaigns – Also known as drip marketing, lead nurturing allows us to progressively move the leads to the final step in the buyer's journey which is the decision stage. With effective and automated lead nurturing we can automatically supply the lead with progressive, useful and educational content that will give them that extra incentive that results in a sale and a delighted new customer.
  • Marketing Automation – This is the complete process that moves the newly attracted visitors to the point of becoming a new customer delighted to talk about your company. Let's say somebody visited your website and is in the early stages of the buyer's journey or considered a "top of the funnel" visitor. We can provide them with a useful whitepaper article designed to further their knowledge and interest in what we can do to solve their pain point. With marketing automation we can enroll this prospect into a workflow that will progressively deliver valuable content. This happens automatically and is strategically developed to ensure the maximum conversions from your leads.
  • Email Marketing – Along with marketing automation and a key element in content marketing is using email as a personalized and targeted method to deliver content. In the inbound methodology, creating content for specific buyer personas is essential. Taking that content and sending it in a series of valuable and helpful emails created and personalized to buyer personas creates credibility and relevance to your message.
Closing leads into sales | Rhino Digital Media

How To Turn Your Inbound Leads Into Sales

Inbound marketing focuses primarily on how to attract quality website visitors and convert them into a lead for your business. Once they have agreed to become a lead, an entirely new game begins.

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