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Local Pest Control Company grows online leads by 300%!

Daily conversions, call volumes and monthly subscriptions
grow 10X plus.

Fran Oneto | San Joaquin Pest Control

About San Joaquin Pest Control

Industry: Pest Control
Products Services: General Pest Control, Commercial Pest Control, Termite Inspection & Repair, Structural Fumigation, Commodity Fumigation, IPM Programs

San Joaquin Pest Control was established over 40 years ago by two brothers. Now in their 3rd generation, the family provides pest control, termite control, fumigation and extermination service throughout the Central California San Joaquin Valley. They have service stretching from Madera County to Kern County and two convenient offices located in Fresno CA and Visalia CA.

San Joaquin Pest Control | Lead Generation

The Situation

Previous to their SMART Sales Website™ on the HubSpot COS, online traffic and lead generation was non-existent. While at the same time the cost to the local YP Company and other specialty firms was approaching 12K per month. As the phone book became less and less reliable as a new business lead source, San Joaquin Pest Control was looking for a more reliable method that utilized mobile devices and search engines to reach their market.

San Joaquin Pest Control came to Rhino Digital Media, Inc. to help find a solution for obtaining highly qualified leads from search engines and mobile devices. They were not familiar with content marketing and/or inbound marketing principles and methodology.

Pest Control Lead Generation | San Joaquin Pest Control

The Target

Initial goals were established to grow the business at a reasonable, attainable but steady pace. SJPC has several different revenue streams and buyer personas were created for each along with specific campaigns and conversion paths to reach the consumers via search and social media. The website was launched with four content offers, landing pages and conversion paths to immediately start the attract stage of the inbound methodology. In addition, tracked phone numbers and optimized site pages were established for all individual cities and towns covered by this company. Last was the email strategy put in place to move away from the cost of regular mail and the more convenient and cost effective methods of using email to communicate, nurture and segment new prospects and existing customers.

Pest Control Marketing Results | San Joaquin Pest Control

The Result

A second new website was built on the HubSpot CMS and went live in August 2021. The increase was very quick and went from less than 1500 organic visits per month to over 20,000 in the first 90 days! That’s an increase of 12x just by having a well-designed and fully optimized website.

Leads convert to sales at over 50% due to the B2C nature of this client. For 2021 year to date leads have surpassed 3000 from form fills on the website. As of October 2021, phone traffic from the website has reached 5,451 calls. The current telephone traffic converts at better than 25% of all calls into paying customers. That represents over 10x improvement over previous methods to obtain new customers. Today San Joaquin Pest Control receives a continuous flow of new business via online searches, mobile device searches, social media referrals, and YouTube video searches. As it is with inbound marketing, the growth is now monthly and getting better as the domain authority and site pages grow.

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