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3 Easy Tips to Increase Your Social Media Following

Posted by Fernando Gallo on Friday, March 27, 2015

Topics: Social Media

tips-increase-social-media-followingIncreasing your social media following is kind of a cruel joke: once you get a large following, your page/account becomes more popular and it becomes increasingly easier for your following to grow, and at a faster pace. But if you already have a bunch of followers, you clearly don’t need help getting more. So what’s the little company with 50 likes on Facebook supposed to do? Why can’t they have an easier time getting followers? 

Every social media manager in America is trying to boost their following, with varying degrees of success. But lucky for you, we here at Rhino Digital Media have been working with social media for quite a while, and we’re starting to learn some effective strategies. And because we like you and want you to become a better marketer, we’re going to share three of our favorite tips with you today:

Tip #1: Embrace multimedia 

What’s easier: Posting a 20-word status update or taking a photo at a company event, asking everyone in the photo for permission to post it online, then posting the photo to social media? The 20-word update is clearly easier, but I promise the photo will get a much bigger and more enthusiastic response. Social media users love multimedia, and they enjoy seeing the faces behind their favorite companies. Therefore, make a conscious effort to post as many photos and videos as you can. It will delight your followers, who will “like,” comment on, repost and Retweet your content, making it even more popular. 

Tip #2: Give something away

Americans love free stuff, which is why giveaways are always so popular. You should have an occasional contest on social media, with the grand prize being one of your products, or a coupon for free services, etc. But make sure you ask for some form of participation in the contest – perhaps Retweets on Twitter or comments on a Facebook post. The more interaction a post gets, the more people will see it, especially on a site like Facebook. Your contest isn’t really trying to attract the people that already follow you; it’s meant to reach the friends of those followers.

Tip #3: Cross-promote

Do you have a favorite social media site? I bet you do. Mine is Twitter, although I use Facebook the most. The truth is, most people have a social media site they prefer and probably don’t have an account on every platform. Therefore, you should be promoting your social media pages on other social media sites. Set aside a day every 1-2 weeks to promote one of your social media pages across all platforms. For example, you might choose to promote Facebook by posting a link to your page on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. Chances are, your followers have at least one other social media platform and might decide to follow you there as well. Providing a link makes it incredibly easy for them, which can be just the nudge they need to do it.

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