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4 Reasons Why Your Sales Team Will Fall in Love With Inbound Marketing

Posted by Celeste Aslanyants on Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Topics: Inbound Marketing

sales-team-will-love-inbound-marketingIf you’ve spent much time on our blog, you’re well aware that around here we are big believers in the inbound marketing process. Traditional marketing simply can’t compete with inbound marketing tactics in today’s world. Consumers are too Internet-savvy at this point and are able to seek out exactly the information they want (and nothing more) when they are making their way through the buying process.

If you’re relying on traditional marketing methods when it comes to promoting your business, you are missing out on a fabulous new way of doing things that everyone in your company is sure to appreciate, especially your sales team. Here are just a few reasons why your sales team will fall in love with inbound marketing.

  1. The Customer Comes to Them

With a traditional marketing approach, your sales team is responsible for basically chasing down their potential leads. Often times the people they are reaching out to have shown no interest in what your company has to offer whatsoever. They may simply be knocking on doors or working from a cold call list, reaching out to people who are only going to be annoyed by this approach.

With inbound marketing, every potential lead that you receive is someone that has already shown interest in your products and services. Whether they have filled out a form on your page requesting information, downloaded a free eBook, or interacted with your social sites, your sales people know that they have at least a passing interest and the sales attempt won’t be out of the blue.

  1. It Returns a Different Kind of Lead

The leads that you secure from inbound marketing are people who have a serious interest in your products and services and have already begun doing their research. They aren’t simply a random person pulled from a list that your sales person has to hope will somehow be converted into a lead – no, these people already have a good idea of what your business is all about, and they are ready to hear more. This makes your salesman’s job loads easier!  

  1. Most of the Work is Already Done

In the inbound marketing process, the consumer goes online to begin researching a product or service they’re interested in. Your company meets them there with valuable, informative content that they need to answer any questions they may have. If they are interested in what you bring to the table, they will take you up on any number of offers you may have – downloading a free eBook, joining your email list, signing up to follow your blog. And what do they give you in exchange for that free content they want so badly? Their contact information! At this point, they are the perfect lead for your sales team to follow up with. It’s that easy!

  1. It Makes It Easier to Close the Deal

Since these leads are such prime candidates to be converted into paying customers, it is that much easier for your sales team to seal the deal. Not only did the lead basically ask to be approached, but they are already aware of your products and services and most of the time, your prices. They are definitely interested in what you have to offer. Depending on what point they are personally at in the buying process, you couldn’t ask for a better candidate! Even if they aren’t quite purchase-ready at this point, chances are that they eventually will be. Continue following up with that quality content you hooked them with in the beginning, and they’re as good as sold.

We all know most sales people love a good challenge, but we also know that they love a good sale even more. A process such as inbound marketing that can consistently deliver promising leads is sure to be a hit with your entire team, from sales to marketing to the business owners themselves. What’s not to love about something that is so simple to implement and leads to so much success?

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