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5 Reasons You Should Be Getting Your Holiday Sales Emails Ready NOW

Posted by Casey Lewis on Friday, September 12, 2014

Topics: Sales Process

holiday-sales-emailsThe holidays are just around the corner – in fact, we’re only 8 weeks from Halloween, and 106 days from Christmas. Aside from arranging your Thanksgiving dinner plans and buying your Christmas presents, you should also be planning holiday sales emails.

Holiday sales emails are a definite must in marketing. Here are 5 reasons why would should already be planning this critical marketing effort:

Reason #1: The earlier the better

When Christmas comes around, many people take advantage of the holidays to take extra days off, and many businesses stop running at full speed during the final weeks of the year. So what does this mean for you? If you’re in B2B sales, waiting too long to send a holiday sales email means the decision-makers may already be gone for the year. And for B2C sales, your potential customers may have taken the time off and are more focused on their family and friends than potential buying decisions.

Getting your holiday email out earlier means you’re more likely to catch potential clients or customers right before they’re about to depart.

The holiday season is also long, and spending patterns vary by month. Did you know women are more likely to make purchases in November, while men are more likely to buy in December? Get the message out early so you can market to both.

Reason #2: Any time is the right time for marketing

Sending sales emails is a bit of a tightrope act: You want to send them often enough to keep people engaged, but not so often that you irritate or annoy your recipients (which encourages them to opt-out). Therefore, it’s vital to take advantage of any opportunity to send a marketing email with some unique content.

Since the holidays only come once a year, your recipients can’t be tired of seeing a holiday sales email – it’s been a whole year since you sent one! Even if you don’t have any holiday-related content to offer, send a holiday sales email anyway. You can take a different sales message and tailor it to the time of year. It’s too good of an opportunity to ignore.

Reason #3: The holidays are a time for spending money

Everyone knows that the holidays are the best time of the year for retailers; in fact, it’s said the infamous “Black Friday” got its name from the fact it’s the day retailers finally get financially “in the black.”

But people are also looking for deals at this time of year, and if you can present them with a good one, they are more likely to pull the trigger. Craft a strong holiday sales email with a compelling message and offer, and you’ll find success.

Reason #4: It’s the last chance to make a financial decision for 2014

This is especially important for B2B sales. Fiscal years can vary, but by and large, most business budgets are still decided based on the calendar. If there’s any money left in the 2014 budget, now is the time it will be spent to prevent it from carrying over into 2015.

Within a business, different departments are always struggling to get a bigger piece of the pie. The last thing a department wants to do is leave money unspent, which could lead to a reduced budget in the future. A holiday sales email can take advantage of this.

Reason #5: It’s your last chance to close the year out strong

Just like businesses making spending decisions, you want to make sure you’ve made the most of 2014.  A strong sales email can be a last influx of revenue for your business, which will make the bottom line look better, and give you positive momentum heading into 2015.

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