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5 Ways the HubSpot CRM Will Make Your Life Easier

Posted by Fernando Gallo on Thursday, August 20, 2015

Topics: Sales Process

hubspot-crm-life-easierI’ve discussed my love of old sayings and clichés on this blog before, and another one I really enjoy is “a lot of plates in the air.” This harkens back to an old circus trick, where someone would spin plates on top of wooden sticks. You would use this phrase when you’re busy and have a lot of tasks at the moment – and you’re uncertain how those tasks are going to play out (i.e. one of your spinning plates could fall and break!).

When you work in sales, keeping track of all of your “spinning plates” is a major concern. Successful and productive salespeople need to be working on multiple leads at once, and not every lead is going to convert the same way. Some leads might convert after a single email, while others may take weeks of coaxing and selling.

So how can you keep track of all your spinning plates? A CRM is a tremendously helpful tool in this area. It stands for Customer Relationship Management, and it helps you keep track of leads. There’s a lot of other useful stuff you can do with a CRM, but it all boils down to helping the sales staff. And right now, HubSpot actually offers a FREE CRM if you subscribe to their software service.

Curious to know more? Here are five ways the HubSpot CRM will make your life easier:

Never lose track of a lead again

This is the biggest selling point, in my book. I work on the marketing side most of the time, and even I can have trouble keeping all of my tasks straight. So I can’t imagine how you handle a whole roster of leads!

Well, a CRM can make it incredibly easier. The HubSpot CRM will allow you to create an individual record for every lead. Then, you can record every interaction with that lead so you always know exactly where you stand with them.

Greater versatility among the sales staff

Since you have a record of all interactions now, your salespeople will be able to work with any lead at any time – if they need to know that lead’s history, all they have to do is consult the CRM and they can find out immediately.

Send emails directly through the CRM

Because HubSpot is handling the CRM, it integrates seamlessly with your HubSpot email marketing efforts. That means you can send emails to leads directly from the CRM, streamlining the process.

Templates are at your disposal

The CRM is an intelligent sales tool, and templates are just one of those clever features. The CRM will allow you to create your own email templates or utilize HubSpot’s, which will help you whip out quick emails when a lead doesn’t answer a call or has been absent from your site for a while.

Social media information is added automatically

Whenever you add a contact to the CRM, the system will automatically peruse the internet for the contact’s social media profiles. If Facebook or Twitter profiles are found, that information will be added to the CRM by the system itself. So every time you add a new lead, check back in a day or two for their social media information – that’s yet another outlet you can use for marketing purposes.

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