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8 Trending Twitter Hashtags That You Should NOT Have Missed

Posted by Fernando Gallo on Monday, April 27, 2015

Topics: Social Media

trending-twitter-hashtagsTwitter is the social media platform that is most concerned with the immediate, the “now.” Because of the brief nature of Tweets, the Twitter timeline is like a river: it never stops flowing and is always changing. That means new popular hashtags are always coming and going, so you might occasionally miss a few. Here are 10 you should have definitely taken notice of (and maybe even used to your advantage as a marketer) from the past 12 months:

(Note: hashtags presented in no particular order)


This may have set a modern record for the fastest turnaround from rising viral phenomenon to irritating and overplayed. A dress that looks gold and white to most people, but blue and black to others, became a sensation that quickly inspired parodies and memes.


As the saying goes, everybody and their mother got in on this trend, which started out with great, charitable intentions, but quickly became more about forcing your friends to dump ice-cold water on their heads.


Another meme that became popular overnight, Alex from Target is just a mild-mannered teenage boy who works at a Texas Target. A smitten Twitter user secretly snapped a photo of him at the register and tweeted it, and soon lovelorn teen girls all over America were pining over Alex. But sorry ladies, he already has a girlfriend.


Yes, 2014 was one of the years all of us non-hipsters pretend to care about soccer; A.K.A. a World Cup year. The world’s most popular sport understandably trended throughout the 2014 tournament, especially after key moments, such as Cristiano Ronaldo’s infamous assist that robbed the US of a critical victory at the last possible moment (still haven’t forgiven you for that).


This hashtag corresponded with a November matchup between division rivals, the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants. Given the time of year, it would usually be a noteworthy, though unspectacular matchup (the Cowboys don’t even start choking until December). However, this game brought us rookie receiver Odell Beckham Jr.’s incredible three-finger catch for a touchdown, which was immediately called the play of the year. And rightfully so. Even if you don’t watch football, you can appreciate the majesty of this grab.


During press conferences, the President – not just President Obama, pretty much every president, of every country, ever – almost always wears a suit. But something convinced Pres. Obama to wear a tan suit for an August press conference, and Twitter went insane as a result. Obama’s fashion statement (which I found rather dapper), inspired tons of jokes, memes and general commentary. This is one of my favorites.


Whatever your feelings on Kim Kardashian, there’s no doubt she’s an excellent self-promoter. The realty TV star attempted to “break the internet” by posing nude on the cover of Paper magazine (NSFW image), showing off her famous posterior. Considering this isn’t the first time she’s appeared nude, it’s hard to imagine why she thought this would be so noteworthy, but the internet took off with it and many memes and parodies ensued.


Did you hear that Derek Jeter retired? If you’re even a marginal sports fan, the answer is 1,000 times yes. ESPN covered Jeter’s retirement with a hype and intensity not seen since LeBron James’ infamous “The Decision.” If you didn’t know any better, you might have guessed the Yankee captain had actually died based on the emotional outpouring from baseball writers and analysts.  It was all capped off by the Nike-inspired #RE2PECT hashtag, which incorporated Jeter’s iconic uniform number (2) into a show of gratitude for the perennial All-star.

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