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Are You Marketing to a Target Buyer Persona, or Yourself?

Posted by Celeste Aslanyants on Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Topics: Inbound Marketing

target-buyer-personaAs a business owner, you probably have a pretty good idea of who your target consumer is. You’re familiar with their wants and needs, and you know how you and your business can help them. You’re obviously an expert in your industry, and no one knows more about your company and what you have to offer than you. With all of this expertise, it’s easy to think that marketing your business will come naturally. 

However, if you aren’t careful, many times you will end up marketing to yourself rather than to your target buyer persona. It’s an easy thing to do. You know what you have to say, and you know how you would like to say it. But sometimes what makes sense to you won’t resonate with your target audience. You must be sure to keep your buyer personas in mind in everything that you do, and take care to market to them rather than yourself.

If you have taken the time to create in-depth buyer personas, this should be fairly easy to do. You will know so much about your target consumer that you can speak directly to them. You should know what their triggers are, what their concerns are, how they spend their time, what they do for a living, etc. By having this extremely detailed knowledge of who you are trying to reach, crafting your marketing message to capture their attention should be a simple task.

The next time you set out to create a call-to-action, think, “What would really grab the attention of my target consumer?” It might be easy for you to use something like “Download the Most Innovative Guide to Inbound Marketing Yet!” However, your target buyer may not even know that there are other inbound marketing guides available – having the most innovative will mean little to them. Instead, use something along the lines of “Learn How to Get Started With Your Inbound Marketing Efforts Today”. This will more closely align with what they actually desire to read.

By paying attention to the results from your research and developing these detailed buyer personas, you will be able to create amazingly customized content that your target clients will appreciate and utilize over and over again. With each and every blog post that you push out, you should consider what the pain-points are of your typical consumer, and attempt to remedy those in whatever way that you can. While you may think that the minute details of your business are a given, that there’s no need to get down to basics, for your consumer there probably is. You must look at things as if you have very little knowledge of your industry – most consumers likely do not.

By consistently publishing content that speaks directly to your consumer you set yourself up to be viewed as a leader in your industry. Relevant, useful content is something that the majority of today’s buyers are looking for when they go online to research before making a buying decision. Ensuring that you are there, leading the way, with content that they find valuable will help you to remain top-of-mind when it comes time for them to make that purchase.

So take the time to take a step back before publishing any of your marketing materials and ensure that you are indeed speaking to your target buyer persona rather than yourself. It’s the best way to guarantee they will find value in what you have to say. To learn how to begin a marketing campaign, download our FREE eBook on "The Tool Kit for Launching a Successful Marketing Campaign."

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