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Google Owns Your Marketing Strategy

Posted by Casey Lewis on Monday, September 29, 2014

Topics: Google Rankings

google-owns-your-marketing-strategyYour marketing strategy should have many parts, including such things as social media, content offers and blogs. But no matter how diversified or versatile your marketing strategy is, there’s one thing you can’t escape:

Google owns it.

Regardless of what your marketing strategy is, it will be completely and totally at the mercy of Google. Because the best marketing strategy of the 21st century is inbound marketing, and inbound marketing is completely reliant on Google.

Inbound marketing is all about drawing the customer to you, through the use of the aforementioned tools (blogs, etc.). And as great as your blogs and landing pages are, almost nobody will see them without going through Google first.

Why? Because Google is the undisputed internet search champion of the world. People are conducting 3.5 billion Google searches every single day, and more than 1.2 trillion per year. Since you started reading this article, there have been more than 1.2 million Google searches. You probably found this blog post through a Google search.

Other search engines can’t come close to the activity of Google. The internet champion is responsible for 67.6 percent of all internet searches. The next closest competitor, the highly publicized Bing, is responsible for a meager 18.8 percent.

So why should you care that Google reigns supreme over internet searches? Because you need Google. And you need Google to like you.

Google search results rankings can make or break a business. The top result for a Google search is going to get clicked 33 percent of the time – and the number drops dramatically after that. Once you get past the third result, the chances of your link getting clicked are less than 10 percent.

So how do you make sure your link is one of the top search results? It’s not a simple answer, but one of the major components is the identification and use of keywords.

Every industry has important keywords that get searched for often; for example, if your industry is fantasy football, the words “fantasy” “football” “rankings” and “leagues” would be the keywords used most often in internet searches.

Your content has to incorporate these keywords, and do so in an organic way. Simply writing those keywords 500 times on a webpage isn’t going to get the job done: Google’s search algorithm is constantly tweaked and has become very smart – it would designate your site as spam and possibly block it outright.

But keywords are just one part of the Google search ranking formula. You need a comprehensive, intelligent marketing plan in order to consistently rank high on Google searches. And in the end, your Google search rank can mean the difference between success and failure.

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