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How Do I Start Using Social Media for Business Growth?

Posted by Celeste Aslanyants on Monday, March 10, 2014

Topics: Inbound Marketing

Using-social-media-for-business-growthSocial media marketing may very well be one of the most important aspects of your online marketing strategy. It is the very best way to stay available and in touch with your current and prospective clients. It also allows for a level of engagement unlike anything before. Building a strong presence across multiple social sites is imperative to the growth of your business.

You may be wondering what the best tactic is for getting started using social media to grow your business. There are a number of things you should do before diving in. Below you will find a few of our favorite tips for getting started.

  1. Get a Plan

Before you jump into the world of social media you will need a plan of attack. What social sites will you join? Who will be in charge of monitoring and responding to interactions? How often will you be posting fresh content? All of these questions and many more must be answered before you are truly ready to join in.

  1. Start Talking

Going online to open the lines of communication between consumers and your company is an excellent step to take. Being available to answer questions, respond to complaints, and share valuable information is something that all consumers expect from a business in today’s world. Be sure that you are consistently monitoring your social sites for questions or interactions, and respond as quickly as possible.

  1. Keep It Interesting

Aside from sharing valuable company info, keep things interesting for your followers by sharing content that is a little outside the box. A funny video, a cute photo, or links to interesting articles can be much more interesting than the usual business fodder, and this type of content will often drive a surprising amount of engagements from your followers.

  1. Get Them Involved

Don’t fall into the trap of constantly pushing out information without ever engaging your followers. Mix it up a bit by asking questions or having them submit suggestions for new content. Another great way to keep people interested and also gain more followers is to run a contest or host a giveaway. Everyone loves free stuff, and knowing they have something tangible to gain is a great motivator for interaction and sharing your content. 

  1. Measure Your Results

You will have no idea how successful your social media marketing efforts are if you don’t implement some sort of measurement system. Evaluate your results on a daily basis. If you have a post that didn’t perform well, this could mean one of two things: either you are posting at a time when your followers aren’t available to interact, or your content doesn’t interest them. Switch things up a bit to gauge what the answer might be. 

Although there are many things you need to do before you are ready to begin using social media for business growth, surprisingly this may be one of the simplest and most enjoyable parts of your marketing strategy. The online space has countless opportunities for growing your business, and when you are ready to tackle it, the possibilities are endless! To read more on how social media is vital for your marketing strategy, download our FREE eBook on "How Inbound Marketing Drives Real Results."

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