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How to Avoid Annoying People Over the Holidays With Your Sales Emails

Posted by Casey Lewis on Monday, November 17, 2014

Topics: Sales Process

how-to-avoid-people-over-holidays-with-sales-emailsIt happened again before you realized it, even more quickly than last year: the holidays are suddenly here. Aside from being a time for football, warm clothes and eating way too much, the holidays are also an excellent occasion for sending out sales emails.

But the holidays are also a very stressful time for a lot of people, and the last thing you want to do is irritate someone you’re trying to turn into a customer. So follow these four tips to ensure you don’t annoy anyone with your sales emails:

Don’t overwhelm them

As we mentioned above, tensions can run high during the holidays. It’s easy to see why: The roads are packed, stores are filled with shoppers, it’s dark and cold and you still have a ton of presents to buy. Therefore, it’s important not to send too many sales emails during this time.

Also, send any emails earlier in the month, away from the big holidays that come at the end (Thanksgiving and Christmas). Not only is it a bit less stressful during that period, it’ll also increase the likelihood of an open. Marketing company Outbrain found that by the second week of December, engagement with holiday emails begins to decline steadily.

Make the sales pitch worth their while

The holidays are the biggest time of the year for purchases, which means businesses are competing with one another to offer the biggest deals and the biggest sales. Therefore, you should make sure your sales email has an offer that recipients deem worthy. Have you been working on a great new eBook? Now would be the time to promote it. Considering a discount on your products/services? Offer it while people are in the buying mood to boost your sales.

Don’t waste their time

This goes hand-in-hand with the previous tip: if you don’t have anything good to offer, or a solid idea for email content, don’t just send an email anyway. Nothing will annoy someone quicker than a waste of time, and a bad email is precisely that.  

Don’t get too cute

Being witty and funny is great, but as any standup comedian will tell you, comedy is hard. Trying to incorporate too many holiday-related puns and silly jokes into your sales emails can come off as corny or cheesy. Instead of leading to clicks, that’s going to lead to deleted emails and rolled eyes. It’s fine to try to have some fun with your emails, because boring is equally bad as corny, but don’t overdo it. Keep the famous words of William Shakespeare in mind: “brevity is the soul of wit.”

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