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How to Increase Your Lead to Customer Conversion Rate

Posted by Celeste Aslanyants on Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Topics: Inbound Marketing

how-to-increase-lead-customer-conversion-rateOne of the best things about inbound marketing is the fact that it returns highly qualified leads. Your sales team is at an advantage, because converting these leads into actual paying customers is much easier when they have shown a clear interest in your business and all that you have to offer. However, if you feel that you’re still struggling a bit when it comes to converting these leads into customers, keep reading for some insight into the best way to increase your conversion rate.

Lead nurturing is where your focus should lie when trying to increase your lead to customer conversion rate. Once you have obtained a lead that has shown interest in what you have to offer, it’s time to follow up with other offers they would likely find attractive. Since you have a record of what enticed them to leave you their info in the first place, you have a good idea of what their needs or interests may be. Use this to your advantage and reach out with something you believe they will find valuable.

When embarking on your lead nurturing journey, it’s important to stray away from going overboard. Too much attempted contact can turn off potential clients, so be sure to only reach out occasionally, and always with content you know they will find value in. The point here is to offer them items that you believe will actually be beneficial to them. If they begin to see your business as one that they can depend on for help, information, and useful assets, then they will begin to view your company as an invaluable resource, and also begin to trust you. Establishing trust between you and the contact is absolutely essential in the lead nurturing process.

Most consumers aren’t ready to make a purchase the first time they come to your website. They may simply be conducting research and could possibly be months away from making an actual buying decision. However, if you carefully follow up with them, building a relationship as you go, they will be more likely to come to you when it’s time to make their purchase. Building a relationship in this way can lead to an extremely loyal customer base over time.

Creating a lead nurturing email program is incredibly beneficial for your business. When done correctly, these emails can be the key to turning your leads into paying customers. Your focus here should be creating highly focused emails that include intriguing calls-to-action. These emails should be short and to the point. Consumers are bombarded with emails day in and day out – don’t give them a reason to send yours straight to the trash. Set up a workflow that carefully plots out the progression your emails will take. Oftentimes, these emails can make or break a sale.

Taking the time to consistently and carefully follow up with the leads your website generates is a worthy investment of your time. These leads have already shown a strong interest in the products and services that your business offers, and they may need just a bit of encouragement and trust building to make the transition into paying customer. To read more on this topic, download our free eBook "Modernize Your Sales Process".

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