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Is YouTube Beneficial for Ranking High on a Google Search?

Posted by Celeste Aslanyants on Monday, June 30, 2014

Topics: Google Rankings

youtube-rank-high-on-googleIf you have been working to grow your online presence for your business, then ranking high on Google has probably become a major priority. Without a high Google ranking for search terms that your target buyers are searching for, potential new customers won’t be able to discover your business. You are probably aware of the main things you should focus on in order to climb the Google ranks: content, SEO, and social media. But one thing that is rarely discussed is the effect that YouTube has on your web presence. So let’s discuss the benefits of YouTube when it comes to your Google ranking. 

Like anything that you do online, the more often you update, the more online pull it gives you. If your YouTube page is branded with your business name, and linked to your website, blog and other social media pages, then when customers are searching for your business they will find your YouTube page as well. This can help to expand your online presence by returning more results for your business.

Another way that you can use YouTube to your advantage is by featuring your target keywords in your videos that you publish. If you own a gym for children in Baltimore, for example, and you’ve decided to target “fun activities for toddlers in Baltimore” as one of your keywords, then you should create a video based on that idea. Even better would be to create a regular video series centered on fun things to do in your area.

If you use the target keyword in the title of your video, that will give you quite a bit of pull when it comes to factors Google considers. It’s also important to plug the keyword in the video description, as well as to tag your video with many variations of the same keyword. All of this combined will grab the attention of Google and help your YouTube videos begin to the climb to the top of various Google SERP's.

The great thing about pulling YouTube in to your web marketing efforts is the fact that the more online real estate you posses, the better. If all of your different online places show up when users search for a particular search term, they will see your business as the obvious choice. Consider this: If a user searched for “fun things to do with toddlers in Baltimore”, and their search results returned a blog article from your blog featuring a list of the best places to take toddlers, a link to a your website, and your YouTube video on the topic, then they will begin to recognize your brand. When they are ready to take a trip with their toddler, your gym will feel like the obvious choice.

Although you may not automatically think of YouTube as a place you should put in a lot of effort, it can be quite beneficial to your online presence and your Google rankings if handled in the right way. To read more on this topic, download our free eBook "How to Rank #1 on Google".

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