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Online Lead Generation: 4 Simple Tips to Get Started

Posted by Celeste Aslanyants on Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Topics: Online Lead Generation

generate-more-leads-onlineThey key to online lead generation for your business lies within your own website. There are several factors you need make sure you have covered in order to bring in the quantity, as well as the quality, of leads that you desire. Take a look at the quick tips below to see if your website passes the test.

Includes Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

Including calls-to-action throughout your website is absolutely essential to successful lead generation. On every page you should include a CTA that links out to a content offer, a capture form, a newsletter or email sign up, etc. Without these CTAs interspersed throughout your pages, you are neglecting to provide your website visitors with the opportunities they need to give you the contact information you desire.  Very few of them will go out of their way to fill out a “contact us” form if there is no incentive behind it. Use your CTAs to advertise something valuable that you will give them in return for their contact information – everyone loves to get something for free, after all.

Passes the “Blink Test”

The “blink test” is a simple way of saying that your site should be so clear and concise that visitors can easily discern what you offer immediately upon arrival. As we are all well aware, attention spans are at an all-time low. People like to find the information they’re looking for and get out. If you don’t immediately prove that you have what they need, they will quickly move on. Make your site attractive, easy to read, and simple to navigate. Have a clear message and make sure there is nothing to distract on the main page.

Blog is Frequently Updated

Quality content is the best thing you can offer to your prospective clients. The majority of the leads you get will be a direct result of someone going online to search for information about a product or service that your company offers. Use your blog to provide the answer to any and all questions that they might have. Since you have a detailed buyer persona created for each of your target buyers, use this to your advantage. Create the content you know these potential buyers are looking for. If there’s a particular question your clients repeatedly need answered, devote a blog post to it. If there is a common theme in a complaint you hear, tackle that issue in a blog. Volunteer industry information, insider secrets, tips and tricks – anything you believe your viewers will find value in works.

Sprinkle your target keywords throughout this content in order to get your pages ranking higher on the search engine results pages. The more frequently these keywords are used, the better. Also, update your blog several times each week – but keep things consistent. It’s much better to update twice a week, every week, than five times for a week or two and then once for several weeks in a row. Decide what is realistic for you and your business, and stick with it.

All Platforms Are Optimized

Following keywords best practices and SEO guidelines extends beyond your website and blog these days. Each and every one of your social media sites needs to be optimized as well. Fill out your profiles on each site thoroughly, including keywords wherever it makes sense. Use these keywords throughout your updates and wherever else you can. A strong social media presence says a lot about a company in the world we live in, so take advantage and make these pages as robust as they can possibly be.

By following the tips above, you will begin to notice an increase in the amount of traffic that turns up on your site, and in the number of qualified leads you gain. To get a more in depth look, download our free "Guide to Online Lead Generation for Business Owners" eBook.

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