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Redesigning Your Business Website: A Q&A

Posted by Fernando Gallo on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Topics: Websites

redesigning-business-website-q-aSo you want to redesign your business website in order to generate leads online. Great idea! You probably have a lot of questions, though. In order to help answer them, we’ve created this Q&A.

Am I going to hate this?

It’s possible you’re going to hate redesigning your website. But it’s not a given! Just keep in mind that if you want a great company website, you’re going to have to put a lot of thought, time and effort into it.

Why do I have to this again?

If you want to generate leads online, you’re going to have to create a successful sales website. Everything on that site needs to be geared toward turning a customer into a lead.

Why should I care about generating leads online?

Because online lead generation is cheap, increasingly popular and effective. By creating a strong sales website with optimized content, you can slash your price per lead while simultaneously boosting the amount of leads you get.

I guess that’s a pretty good point. Do I need help with this?

Unless you have website designers on staff, you’re absolutely going to need help. You could probably build a website on your own using Google and a third-party website builder, but that’s inadequate. Your website will look like someone without design experience created it.

What exactly makes a site a “sales website”?

Well, as I explained before, a strong sales site makes lead generation its primary goal. Therefore, everything on the site is geared toward turning that customer into a lead. You give them an opportunity on every page to fill out a form or contact your company, which is how they become a lead. You also have to provide content.

Say what now?

Yeah, you’re going to need content. This content will be in the form of blog articles, which will be about topics in your field. For example, if you run a photography studio, you might have articles like “How often should I take a family portrait?” or “5 things that photographers wish you knew.”

Sounds interesting, but what do I need that content for?

Well, the content is what attracts visitors to your site. As they search the web for topics related to your products/services, they will come across your blog articles in Google search results. If your blog article looks interesting or relevant, they’ll click on it, and voila, you have a visitor.

Cool. So once they show up to the site, they’re just going to become a lead because I asked them to?

Not exactly. You have to provide them with something in exchange for that form submission. In inbound marketing, you present them with a “content offer.” Basically, it’s something with an appealing design (like an eBook or case study) that, like your blogs, provides valuable information to your visitor.

What makes a good content offer?

Something that provides more depth and length than a blog article. If we go back to the photography studio example, you could provide an eBook about “The Best Ways to Take a Memorable Senior Picture.” You want the visitor to value the information so they have no qualms about parting with contact information in order to receive it. And once they give you their info, they’ve just become a lead for your business.

How do these content offers relate to the website redesign?

The content offers should be featured prominently throughout the site, and every blog article should end with a link to a content offer. The rest of the site is just used to provide information – the real lead generation happens with the content offers.

This is good stuff, but I think I want more information. Where can I do more research?

I’m glad you asked. We have a library of marketing resources and even created an eBook on this exact topic:

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