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Why Sales and Marketing Need to Get Along For Continued Business Growth

Posted by Casey Lewis on Friday, December 11, 2015

Topics: General Business, Sales Process

sales-marketing-get-along-business-growthSales and marketing sometimes feel like two completely different worlds.

However, marketing and sales will always see the most success when they work in tandem. Don’t believe me? Well, allow me to explain…

The goal is always the same

Nearly every business that has ever existed in America has had one primary goal: make money. So regardless of what you’re working on in the marketing or sales department, remember that you’re here to service the almighty dollar. Your end goal is help the company complete sales in order to make money. That’s how we keep the lights on and cut paychecks.

So why don’t they get along?

Because it’s a forced partnership. Marketing must come first – without marketing, you won’t get site traffic or leads – and sales always comes immediately afterward. Think of it like fishing: the marketing department baits the hook and catches the lead’s attention; then the sales department reels them in. This type of strategy has been in place for decades, and when the two departments work together, it works like a charm. But not everyone takes kindly to a forced partnership. And if you have some strong personalities on either side, people can naturally butt heads.

Should we keep them separate then?

Not entirely. Remember, a business will complete more sales if the two work together. So allow them to operate independently, but schedule joint meetings between the departments at regular intervals (perhaps once a week). The most important thing in any relationship is communication, and this situation is no different. As long as the departments are communicating, they will understand what each is working on. And that can allow them to coordinate efforts better.

How else can we bring sales and marketing together?

Anything that gets the two department talking or working together is probably beneficial. For instance, schedule a lunch meeting for the two departments (with you picking up the tab) and encourage them to discuss work and outside interests. So it can be productive while also relieving pressure from the situation (since they get to talk about whatever they want).

Or sit down with your managers of each department and discuss concerns and strategies with them. Openness will do you a world of good here: if we understand everyone’s motivations and goals, it’s easier for us to understand each other. And when we understand one another, we’re less likely to have disputes over marketing or sales strategies.

Any other advice?

Give it some time. Better relationships aren’t built overnight. But by taking an active approach and working directly with both departments to find solutions, you can create a partnership that gets results. And without everyone hating each other!

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