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Why Traditional Marketing Can Lead to a Bad ROI

Posted by Celeste Aslanyants on Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Topics: Inbound Marketing

traditional-marketing-leads-bad-ROITraditional marketing methods are quickly being rejected for the more modern approach that is inbound marketing. While there certainly was a need for traditional marketing in the past, in our present lives there very rarely is. It’s well known that most consumers go out of their way to avoid receiving many of these traditional outbound marketing approaches, while they seek out inbound efforts. There are many reasons why traditional marketing no longer makes sense for your business. Below we will discuss a few of the reasons why traditional marketing can lead to a bad return on investment (ROI).

It’s Expensive

Traditional marketing is notoriously expensive. From television ads to radio spots to billboards, you know you will be paying a hefty price to gain any exposure this way. Not only that, but in today’s world, consumers have numerous ways to avoid these approaches altogether. If it’s a television commercial, it can be skipped by using DVR. If it’s a radio ad, people simply change the station – if they are even listening to local radio at all (Downloadable music, music apps, etc.). Almost any traditional method can be avoided at this point in time. It certainly doesn’t seem worth the expense.

It’s Intrusive

Traditional marketing often leads consumers to feel as if they’re being sold to – something you wouldn’t necessarily think is a bad thing, but in the world we live in is rarely tolerated. People have the ability to skip past anything they don’t enjoy, to seek out only the information they want, and to never step foot in a store or deal with an actual human when making a purchase if they so desire. When a potential customer feels as if they are being bombarded with sales pitch after sales pitch, they shut it out and move on. Don’t waste your time on an approach that can push your potential buyers even further away.

It’s On Your Time

In most traditional marketing approaches, you have to hope that the right person happens upon the right message at precisely the right time. But nowadays, consumers are looking for exactly what they need, when they need it, and they very rarely will remember you from a commercial they saw or a billboard they spotted. Instead, they will go online, conduct a Google search, and go with one of the first few options they find. In the 24/7 world that we live in, you have to be available at all times. Focusing your marketing efforts on inbound marketing is simply what makes sense.

As you can see, traditional marketing is basically the way of the past. Investing your time, energy, and money into these tactics will result in a bad ROI, nearly every single time. Stepping into the world of inbound marketing will open up doors and bring in qualified leads that you’ve only dreamed of. To read more on this topic, download our free eBook "How Inbound Marketing Drives Real Results"

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