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Is Email Marketing Still Effective in Today's World?

Posted by Brett Lewis on Friday, July 29, 2016

Topics: Inbound Marketing

email-marketing-today-effective.gifI will answer the title of this blog immediately - yes, email marketing is an effective marketing strategy in today's digital world. For some reason, many business owners we come across think their emails are not getting looked at by potential customers, but it is actually quite the opposite. It is still one of the most cost-effective solutions to reaching a large audience. Here’s why you should continue to rely on email marketing in your business:

People still like to “work out of their email”

You might be one of these folks: you get to work, open up Outlook or Gmail and just start opening emails and completing tasks. In fact, your inbox might stay open on your computer all day – if only to give you a needed distraction. 34 percent of Americans said they check email all day, so your email is going to get seen. Well, at least the subject line will be.

The smartphone has changed the game

Your teenager’s favorite appendage has really revolutionized how we consume email. The average person looks at their phone at least 150 times each day, which means email is getting checked regularly. In fact, the majority of email opens are now happening on smartphones (55 percent), and 33 percent of all email opens occurred on iPhones last year (wow).

And if you want to reach Millennials, you probably think email marketing is useless – after all, the kids have already abandoned Facebook. Isn’t email like hieroglyphics to them? But these bored youngsters are checking their email all the time. 70 percent said they check it in bed, 57 percent do it in the bathroom, and a disturbing 27 percent check it while driving. As much as we like marketing emails here, no deal is worth a car accident.

Don’t worry about the medium – worry about the message

Talking about mediums and messages can get confusing and clichéd, but we’re talking specifically about content here. Email marketing is simply too cost-effective to ignore, especially when compared to the cost of direct mailers. Therefore, instead of worrying so much about open rates and landing pages, focus more on the content of these emails. According to one study, Americans receive an average of 416 commercial emails per year! How are you going to stand out from the crowd? By bringing strong content.

Make your emails as compelling and interesting as your blog articles, so that those who open them will consider opening your emails again in the future. You should also make sure to use personalization in the subject line; it can increase engagement by 25 percent.

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