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Is LinkedIn Useful for B2C Marketing?

Posted by Casey Lewis on Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Topics: Social Media

linkedin-useful-b2c-marketingWhen discussing social media sites, you usually mention Facebook, Twitter or Instagram; but rarely does anyone spend any time talking about their latest LinkedIn update. The social site for movers and shakers tends to be regarded as an afterthought – usually ignored until you’re unexpectedly looking for a job, or you want to check up on what some of your friends and colleagues are doing professionally.

But LinkedIn should definitely be considered whenever you’re implementing new social media campaigns. We’ve discussed in the past how useful LinkedIn can be when you’re in the B2B space, but what about businesses that aren’t? Can B2C companies actual gain some benefit from LinkedIn? Absolutely.

Never disregard a captive audience

How much of your marketing is spent on simply trying to get noticed? There are so many different companies in various fields that are constantly trying to be heard, and it can be hard to get your messaging across in such a crowded market. LinkedIn allows you to have access to a very captive audience.

Reaching “professional consumers”

Looking to shed its image as a B2B-only marketing platform, LinkedIn conducted research to examine how B2C companies fare on the site. Their findings? Not only are LinkedIn users very receptive to B2C marketing, they’re also willing to spend a higher amount than the average consumer.

When you consider the user base of LinkedIn, it’s not difficult to figure out why. There are thousands of executives and managers on LinkedIn, in addition to millions of “lower-level” professionals. These individuals have discretionary income to spend, and are more than willing to part with it for the right product. Businesses in the auto, travel, retail and luxury markets appeal highly to these professionals.

Paid advertising can maximize your success

As with any social media site, you’ll get more out of LinkedIn if you’re willing to pay a little money. LinkedIn’s advertising system allows for some pretty useful targeting, allowing you to reach users based on such factors as industry, job function, job title, age, gender, location or company name. Additionally, you can post ads in any language and there is no long-term agreement or minimum purchase amount.

It’s important to note that unlike Facebook, LinkedIn doesn’t limit your business page’s reach in regards to your own followers. All of your followers will be able to see all of your posts. Therefore, the real benefit of LinkedIn ads is in the targeting and ability to reach those who don’t follow your page.

Just because LinkedIn is best for B2B companies doesn’t mean it can’t be very useful for B2C companies as well. In this age of fierce competition, don’t allow any free marketing opportunity to pass you by. Make LinkedIn an equal part of your social media marketing strategy, and don’t miss out on some potentially great leads.

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