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Lead Nurturing: 5 Reasons You Need to Keep Everything Personalized

Posted by Casey Lewis on Thursday, March 5, 2015

Topics: Sales Process

lead-nurturing-keep-everything-personalizedBecause we focus on inbound marketing issues on our blog, we only occasionally venture into discussions about the sales process and how to be effective at it. Many marketers don’t even consider what sales may struggle with; that’s a problem for sales to deal with!

But in practice, sales and marketing have to work collaboratively in order to maximize your company’s success. Completing sales is like a relay race, with the lead serving as the baton: marketing starts the race, then hands the lead off to sales to finish it.

One of the key portions of the sales process is lead nurturing. That term basically describes the process by which we keep checking in with leads and continue trying to close a deal. Essentially, it’s how we follow up with them.

Unfortunately, not every lead is created equal. Some are more qualified or ready to purchase than others, and not every lead will respond the same way. This is one of many reasons why it’s important to tailor the lead nurturing process specifically to each individual lead. Personalization is key if you want to be a great closer. Here are four more reasons why:

It forces you to listen

When you think of a salesperson, you probably imagine someone slick and fast-talking. But in today’s world, one of the best approaches for a sales call is to listen and allow the lead to dictate the course of the conversation. Listening carefully to what a lead has to say helps you understand the best way to reach them and what their specific problems are. It also…

Listening (and resulting personalization) makes the lead feel valued

Why do you think social media has become so popular these days? It’s not just so you can stalk one of your exes (although that’s always a nice side benefit). People are on social media because they want to be heard; because they think their opinions are worthwhile. So when you show them you’re listening by personalizing your sales approach, it makes the lead feel valued, which in turn makes them more likely to do business with you.

It is more convincing

When you tailor your sales approach to appeal to an individual lead, it helps them see the benefits of your products/services. You’re addressing their specific needs, which shows how helpful your business can be in their lives. Instead of imagining how your business can benefit people in a vacuum, they can apply it directly to their situation and their problems.

It will help you in the future

By using different tactics to reach leads, you’re able to see the full potential of your products/services and all of their practical applications. That means you’ll understand the benefits of your products/services better than anyone else, because you’ll be used to adapting your sales pitch to individual circumstances. So the next time a lead comes to you with a unique problem, you’ll be exceptionally prepared to explain how your company can help solve their issue.

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