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Should I Migrate My Current Website Onto HubSpot?

Posted by Fernando Gallo on Thursday, September 10, 2015

Topics: Websites

migrate-current-website-onto-hubspotOne of the keys for any successful inbound marketing strategy is a strong sales-oriented website. We advocate this very strongly here on our blog, for a variety of reasons.

For starters, your website should always be viewed as your top sales tool. However, it doesn’t become that way automatically. There’s a lot of work and planning that has to go into a strong business website.

We recommend viewing your website as your online storefront. Therefore, you want it to be professional, attractive and effective. After all, if successful inbound marketing is contingent on attracting visitors to your website, shouldn’t there be a great website waiting for them?

For most of your online visitors, this will be their first interaction with your company, which means it will also color their view of your business for the foreseeable future. And when it comes to sales, the first impression is almost always the only impression – so if it goes poorly on that first visit, it’s unlikely that visitor will become a lead or customer.

Migrating your website to HubSpot makes this all easier

If you have talented web design people on staff, or have a designer you can hire for contract work, then you know they will be able to create the website you desire. However, if you need a freelance designer, this can be expensive, and it’s very unlikely you have a design person on staff.

However, HubSpot’s website builder is very easy to use and pretty self-explanatory. You don’t need to have any knowledge of coding, HTML, XML, CSS or any other acronyms that frighten you. HubSpot’s interface uses what’s known as a WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get), which means it’s basically as simple as dragging and dropping, tapping out a few keystrokes and clicking some buttons.

Additionally, HubSpot offers a live preview option, which will show you exactly what your webpage will look like when it’s published. That will help prevent any unwanted surprises when your new page goes live.

A range of analytics at your fingertips

HubSpot automatically keeps a wide range of analytics, such as page views, average length of visit and unique visitors. And when you host your site with HubSpot, all those analytics are automatically compiled and placed at your disposal. If you’re not using analytics to evaluate your marketing methods, you’ll never achieve a firm grasp of your true ROI.

Seamless integration with HubSpot’s other offerings

Even though HubSpot is great at hosting websites, it’s not even the company’s primary purpose: they started out as a marketing software provider. However, those offerings have expanded to include things like email marketing, lead management and a free CRM. When you host your site with HubSpot, you can integrate those additional offerings into your website without much effort. For instance, when you add a lead to the Contact Database, HubSpot will keep track of their visits to your site as well as their interactions with your emails.

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