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Understanding the Inbound Sales Process

In the world of inbound marketing (and really, the business world altogether), it can be easy to get lost amidst all the jargon and corporate buzzwords. We talk about things like “impressions” and “social media impact” now, without ever really defining those terms. I don’t think anyone really understands the value of an “impression.” Just ...

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3 Mistakes Sales Reps Make When Doing a SaaS Demo

It’s not easy for sales reps to make the “perfect” sales pitch. Planning what to say when you’re out there in the field in front of your customers is both an art and a science. What’s going to work best depends on a lot of factors, including the product itself, the company, the style of the particular sales rep, and even more importantly, ...

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5 Reasons You Need To Align Your Sales Team With Your Online Lead Generation

We sometimes tend to talk about sales and marketing as if they were one entity. In most companies, though, these two vital functions are handled by different groups. The marketing group will be focused on getting the company’s message out to the public and driving them towards your website and products. The sales team steps in at that ...

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How to Use Content to Convert an Inbound Lead Into a Sale

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that we’re huge advocates of inbound marketing as a way to drive people to your website through the use of relevant content. If you’ve begun your inbound campaign, we hope that you’ve begun to see an increase in traffic to your site. But of course there’s more to marketing than just getting ...

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How to Personalize Content to Match the Buyer’s Journey

Whatever product or service you’re selling, and by whatever means, there’s one thing that all salespeople need to keep in mind. It’s a simple principle, really: Give the right message to the right person, at the right time. There’s no point giving someone a sales pitch about a product that they don’t have a need for, nor does it make sense ...

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How to Reach Out to Forgotten Leads

In my years of working as in sales and marketing, if there’s one complaint that I’ve always heard more than any other, from fellow salespeople, it’s this one: “We need more leads”. Almost every sales professional I’ve ever known has always assured me that they could be closing many more deals, if only they had more fresh, ...

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Why Your Sales Team Better be Using a CRM in 2016

Well, we’ve survived another year, and here we are in 2016! No one has a crystal ball that can predict everything that will happen this year, but still, there are some things that we can say with certainty: you’ll need to embrace technology if you want your business to thrive in the coming year and the future. One example of technology ...

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How to Determine if a Prospect is Worth Your Time or Just Window Shopping

When you embark on any sort of sales or marketing effort, the first result that you look for is to start seeing some responses from your prospects. It doesn’t matter what form your marketing campaign takes. It’s always exciting when the phone starts ringing, when customers come in your door, or when you start to see traffic ...

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