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Why Sales and Marketing Need to Get Along For Continued Business Growth

Sales and marketing sometimes feel like two completely different worlds.

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4 Features the HubSpot CRM Provides You With

We are big fans of the HubSpot CRM for a multitude of reasons (which we’re going to break down for you shortly). But perhaps the best thing about it is that it’s currently free! That’s right: if you’re already a HubSpot subscriber, you get access to their CRM completely free of ...

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How to Avoid Letting the Holiday Season Ruin Your Sales Efforts

As far back as I can remember, I have been a big fan of the holiday season. What’s not to like about it? There’s tons of food, plenty of cookies and other treats, presents, family gatherings and pretty lights in neighborhoods all over.

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Lead Nurturing 101: Determining When the Lead is Ready for a Phone Call

As I sat here brainstorming for this blog article, I spent a significant amount of time trying to come up with a good comparison task for lead nurturing. What relatable, common task could I associate with lead nurturing, in order to ...

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Why Is My Lead Close Rate So Low?

We’ve talked about Glengarry Glen Ross on this blog before, but it’s such a phenomenal movie about sales, it bears mentioning again. After all, how many movies are actually focused exclusively on sales?

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Making First Contact With A Lead: What To Avoid

We’re always preaching to you on this blog about the value of inbound marketing. So, hopefully you’ve taken our advice, you’ve built a nice website, stocked it with excellent content, and you’re broadcasting the links to your landing pages through a variety of ...

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Qualifying Your Inbound Leads: What You Need To Find Out

So, you’ve started your inbound marketing campaign. You’ve broadcast a message to your subscribers, and you’ve shared it through all the social media channels. Now you can sit back and watch as a stream of visitors ...

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20 Words Sales Reps Need to Stop Using

Through the years that I’ve spent in the business world, a fair amount of that time has been spent doing sales, and training other sales reps. And one of the points that I simply can’t stress enough to anyone trying to make a sale is a simply adage that we’ve all heard many times: Choose your words carefully.

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