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4 Reasons You’re Not Converting Inbound Leads Into Sales

If you’ve ever seen the film Primary Colors (which is a very thinly veiled biopic of Bill Clinton’s first presidential campaign), there’s an amusing scene where the youngest member of the staff is said to have “TB.” And that ...

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4 Ways You Can Increase Your Sales Email Open Rate

I’ve written this before on this blog, but it bears repeating: pretty much no one likes sales emails. When was the last time you were legitimately excited about opening an email? It’s basically like receiving a letter – you’ll be satisfied so long as it’s not a bill or junk mail.

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5 Ways the HubSpot CRM Will Make Your Life Easier

I’ve discussed my love of old sayings and clichés on this blog before, and another one I really enjoy is “a lot of plates in the air.” This harkens back to an old circus trick, where someone would spin plates on top of wooden sticks. You would use this phrase when you’re busy and have a lot of tasks at the ...

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Top 5 Benefits of the HubSpot CRM

In my earliest days as a salesperson, I tracked my leads with index cards, on which I kept notes on the account, the main point of contact, and my contact with that individual. I had multiple card file boxes in which I would keep the cards, sorted by how hot of a lead it was, and cards were moved from one ...

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5 Steps to Creating Sales Emails That Convert

Sending out sales emails can be a frustrating process. As marketers, we’ve been emailing potential customers for as long as email has been available to everyone, yet the conversion rates for email marketing ...

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Blaming the Cost of Your Services or Sales Reps for Poor Sales Results?

If you’re a business owner, I’m sure you love what you do, or you wouldn’t have started the company in the first place. But when you get right down to it, ultimately it’s all about the numbers, isn’t it? So if you’re seeing poor sales results, it’s time to do some soul searching as to what the ...

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4 Steps to Reaching Your Sales Goals Through the Summer

Sometimes, sales goals can feel a bit arbitrary. As long as the business is making money and you’re doing your job well, then why does there need to be a specific goal? Let’s say your current goal is $10,000 in sales for the month (note: completely arbitrary number); if you only reach $9,457 instead of the ...

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How to Determine the Best Time to Follow Up With a Lead

For as much as we like to talk about inbound marketing and the great ways it revolutionizes modern marketing, it doesn’t change too much when it comes to sales. We still need salespeople and a mostly standard sales process to work in conjunction with our marketing department. It’s not unfortunate because I ...

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