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Why Doesn’t Anyone Follow my Twitter/Instagram/Facebook Business Page?

Posted by Casey Lewis on Friday, January 23, 2015

Topics: Social Media

why-doesnt-anyone-follow-my-facebook-instagram-twitter-business-pageI’m going to let you in on a little secret: most businesses have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to social media. Even in today’s digital world, where social media has become a daily part of the average 18-30-year-old’s life, there are still countless businesses who don’t even have a social media presence. If you actually have at least one social media page, and there’s something that identifies your company on it (such as a logo), you’re already ahead of the curve.

Failing to have some presence on social media is a tremendous mistake for any business. Not only does it provide a free advertising mechanism, it also gives you plenty of opportunities for lead generation. But we’ll consider that kind of stuff as part of the graduate course on social media for business (coincidentally, if you’re interested in social media lead generation, I highly recommend you check out our eBook on social media marketing). Today, I want to go over some Social Media for Business 101 stuff. Namely, why nobody seems to follow your page.

First things first: Be patient

The good news about social media is, your following is very unlikely to ever shrink; it will only grow with time. The bad news is, that growth can take a while. So be patient. As your following expands, the likes/follows will start to come in faster. But don’t be discouraged by initially slow growth. Follow the tips in this blog, and you’ll steadily gain more followers.

Make sure your page reflects favorably on your business

We’ve said repeatedly on this blog that your business website is like your online storefront: therefore, it should be neat, clean and pleasant to look at. Your social media accounts serve a similar function. When someone comes across your social media page, you want it to make your business look good. Therefore, take the time to provide properly sized images and logos for your social media pages, and include information about your company. If you ever want to generate leads with social media, you want each social media account to function like an extension of your business website.

Provide value with your social media accounts

I cannot stress this point enough. It is absolutely essential that you don’t use social media as a purely promotional tool. If you’re personally active on social media, do you have a friend that is always posting self-centered updates that get on your nerves? A business that uses social media only to promote itself is basically the same thing. You’re going to annoy your followers and discourage others from following you.

It’s OK to use your social media accounts for promotion now and then, but be sure to include other stuff as well. Social media is all about collaboration and sharing with others, so try to share things you might actually be interested in seeing yourself. For example, was there a beautiful sunset near your business office recently? Take a photo with your smartphone and post it, with a caption like “Our view of the sunset was so incredible tonight, we just had to share.” Sure, it doesn’t have much to do with your business, but I guarantee your followers will enjoy it. You should also post links to your content whenever something new is posted. If you make your page worth following, you’ll see your numbers grow.

Update often

As marketers, we tend to operate in fear of irritating our customers or leads. We have to walk a fine line between following up with them regularly, while also not overwhelming or annoying them. While this is a legitimate concern in regards to things like marketing emails, it’s less apparent with social media. You should probably be posting a lot more than you currently are. It will increase your chances of being noticed in your followers’ newsfeeds/timelines, and gives you an opportunity to have your posts seen by non-followers. A good baseline for posting is at least once or twice daily for Facebook and Instagram, and 3-4 times daily on Twitter.

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