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5 Tips for Managing Your Business’ Social Media Pages

Posted by Casey Lewis on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Topics: Social Media

managing-social-media-pagesOne of the amazing things about the technological revolution of recent years is how quickly we assimilate technology into our lives. For instance, I’m old enough to remember a time before cell phones became mainstream – they were only for the ultra-wealthy or super busy. Now, every teenager on the block has an iPhone or Android, and it’s probably a newer model than yours!

Another prime example: social media. In the year 2000, there was no such thing as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. In fact, it was still two years before Myspace was even founded (remember Myspace?). And now? Customers expect all of their favorite brands and companies to have a social media presence. It’s become as commonplace as an email address or phone number.

So if your business doesn’t already have a presence on social media, it’s time to get with the program. It’s 2015! Without a social media presence, you’ll be missing out on an excellent opportunity for feedback from your customers, as well as a powerful lead generation tool.

And to help you be the best social media manager possible, we present six tips for managing your business’ social media pages:

Here are the social platforms you NEED to be present on:

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. These are the world’s most popular and active social media platforms.

Don’t skip days

One of the keys to social media (and inbound marketing in general) is to keep it constant. No matter what your posting frequency is (and we’ll discuss that momentarily), be sure to stick with it.

Post at least daily on every social site; more often on certain platforms

You should be posting to every social media account at least once per business day, and some platforms can handle more frequent posting. Instagram and Twitter use a timeline feature that constantly shows the latest update, so the chances of any given post being seen are slim. Therefore, it actually behooves you to post to these platforms more regularly (2-4 times per day).

Always respond to followers immediately

These days, it’s incredibly common for folks to communicate with companies via social media; especially if they have a complaint. Some of these folks are lazy, while others realize that by publicly shaming your company, they’re more likely to get a response. And unfortunately, they’re right. Respond to these folks immediately – not only is it a good business practice, it also publicly demonstrates to your followers that customer service is important to you.

Mix in plenty of “off-topic” posts

Since these are business pages, you might think that all posts need to be related to the company. Well nothing could be further from the truth. Don’t get me wrong: you should definitely promote your business regularly, provide links to new site content and advertise new products/services. However, that should only be part of your social media activity. You need to be sure to make time for fun.

What do I mean by fun? Basically, anything that isn’t marketing related. For instance, did your company have a Christmas party? Why not post some photos of the event on the company Facebook page? You might find this strange, but I guarantee your followers will enjoy it. They’ve heard plenty about your products – it’s a nice change of pace to learn more about the people behind the business name.

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