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How to Create Content Based Off Pop Culture Trends

Posted by Casey Lewis on Monday, November 30, 2015

Topics: Blogging

create-content-pop-culture-trendsIt can be tough to write for a living – the mind only has so many ideas, and sometimes they just aren’t flowing. But other times, this job is interesting and fun. Like when I get to write about pop culture topics. For some strange reason, I love to write about pop culture. Whether it’s TV, movies, sports or video games, I am always willing to crank out 600 words about it. I guess it’s because I have such strong feelings about these topics.

Like “Game of Thrones”. I have plenty to say about that show, but I’ll give you just one brief hot take: I KNEW Jon Snow was alive this whole time, and now we have proof. Is that a spoiler? Oh well, it’s been like six months.

See what I mean? Get me going on pop culture and I’ll rattle on and on. Interested in taking your own crack at writing company-related pop culture blogs? Let me share some tips with you:

Write what you know

This is a very old writing maxim, and one that I don’t always agree with. However, in this case, it’s very appropriate. No matter who you are, there’s probably something you love in pop culture. I’m a bit of a pop culture junkie, so I like everything, but some of my deeper interests are professional football and basketball. And what do you know, I’ve written about both here before! It’ll be much easier for you to come up with ideas if you write about stuff you actually like.

The pop culture content must have some connection or purpose

I used to write for my college newspaper, and although college newspapers are great, sometimes they do stuff (like print swear words) just for the sake of doing them. And sometimes, that’s the only reason we make these pop culture connections: because we can. But if that’s your motivation, you’re going to find yourself struggling to make the connection between pop culture and actual content. Because you can’t just write about pop culture – you have to relate it to your business or your field. So it might be fun to write about how Star Wars is just like your accounting firm; but can you convincingly make that connection in writing?

Always keep it light

Pop culture is meant to be an escape; something we use to pass the time and help us forget all the horrors of the real world. So if you’re going to be writing about pop culture on your company blog, keep it fun. This is not the time to write 500 words about the NFL’s concussion crisis on your health food store blog. And depressing your readers has never been a sound strategy for getting them to buy stuff from you.

The pop culture is fun; but you need to provide some substance, too

Again, we can’t make these pop culture connections just for fun. And similarly, you shouldn’t spend 80 percent of your blog post talking about the pop culture, because we’re not in the business of selling pop culture. Your company is the main attraction here, so make sure the pop culture stuff is merely the supporting cast.

Use it to draw in the readers and entertain them, but follow-up immediately with something meaty; something that might educate your readers a bit. Because even though pop culture blogs are fun, they still need to be informative. Otherwise, you won’t demonstrate your company’s worth and value to the visitor, and that’s what all this content is supposed to accomplish in the first place.

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