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Partnering With an Inbound Marketing Agency to Transition to Inbound

Posted by Casey Lewis on Friday, June 26, 2015

Topics: Inbound Marketing, General Business

partnering-with-inbound-marketing-agencyInbound marketing is not a difficult concept to understand. In the end, it always comes back to one simple idea: compelling content attracts new visitors to your site. Of course, there’s a lot more to it than that, but the central theme will always remain the same.

If you keep that central theme in mind as you transition to inbound marketing strategies, you’ll be in pretty good shape. But there are still plenty of peripheral items you’ll have to keep track of, such as how often you post blogs, the type of content offers you’ll have available, how you’ll follow up with leads, etc.

With all of these moving parts, it can be difficult to maintain your vision and stick to your inbound marketing plan – there’s simply too much to keep track of. This is where an inbound marketing agency can be of tremendous assistance.

A partner to help guide you

Partnering with an inbound marketing agency is a little different for every client, depending on what the client wants from the agency. Agencies have ample expertise, resources and availability, allowing them to help you in whatever areas you need assistance.

For some businesses, they simply want guidance from their agency; direction on where to go next with each campaign and advice on how to implement them. Others want full service, merely approving each action as the agency handles nearly every facet of a campaign.

Your relationship with an agency with rely completely on you. Whether you want a hands-on approach or merely a second set of eyes, you get to decide how involved the agency is. And regardless of its level of involvement, the agency will always be able to provide helpful information every step of the way.

Learning from someone else’s mistakes

Marketing in general, and inbound marketing in particular, is a very inexact science. And like all inexact sciences, inbound requires quite a bit of trial and error. Trial and error means plenty of ideas that don’t work – and when ideas don’t work, that means you’ve wasted time and money.

But when an inbound marketing agency is involved, they’ve already seen numerous other clients try (and fail) to use various strategies. They’ve learned from each of these previous scenarios, and therefore understand what may or may not work for your company. That’s the kind of knowledge that can save you both time and dollars.

Providing additional helpful information

An inbound agency serves at the pleasure of its clients – if the business clients aren’t happy, then an inbound agency isn’t doing its job right. And few things make business owners happier than positive numbers.

Inbound agencies realize this, and therefore always have a variety of statistics and numbers on hand to demonstrate their success (or lack thereof). A reliable inbound agency will have plenty of analytical information on hand, and will not only share it with you, but also explain what the numbers mean. That way, you’ll always be able to measure how effective your inbound strategies are, and understand what areas of your campaigns need improvement.

An agency can tell you all kinds of pleasant things about their work and your campaigns, but the numbers never lie: they will help you gauge how truly successful your campaigns are.

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