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How to Get Started With a Business Blog - in Layman's Terms

One of the features every business website should have is a blog. It has multiple benefits, such as: it allows you to showcase your business’ expertise in your field; it builds up credibility in a potential customer’s mind; and most importantly, it helps bring visitors to you.

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Social Media - Humanizing Your Brand

Inbound marketing has many different parts – email, blogs, content offers – but one of the most critical is social media. In fact, social media is a very important part of any modern marketing strategy, because social ...

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Website Visitors to Leads – What is a Good Conversion Rate?

In 2014, every reliable, smart business has its own website. And if you have a website of any kind, you want to drive traffic to it. For businesses, each visitor to your website represents a sales opportunity – so therefore, the ...

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Innovative Marketing in the Eyes of a 24 Year Old

Innovative marketing…what do I mean by that? It is not something simple, so lets think about it. Coming from dictionary.com the term innovate is defined as: “to introduce something new; make changes in anything established”. Basically, to be an innovator means to be someone that challenges the thinking of others, takes chances, thinks ...

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5 Innovative Marketing Strategies

So you want a new and innovative marketing strategy for your company? Well, in today's world that all starts with inbound marketing techniques. Inbound marketing is quickly becoming a vital part of many company's marketing strategies and solutions. The focus of inbound marketing is to attract visitors to your company via Internet, ...

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