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4 Things Business Owners Should Not Forget When Blogging for Their Company

There are numerous benefits to blogging for business. You can establish yourself or company as an authority in your field, attract more traffic to your website, encourage repeat customers, and ultimately attract new customers through ...

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4 Pest Control Marketing Ideas That Will Lead to Increased Customers

No matter what time of year it is, or where you are in this country, pest control companies stay busy. There is no such thing as “cockroach season.” Oh sure, pests tend to be less active in winter, but you could have a cockroach problem in December. Or an ant problem in July. Or a bed bug issue in March. See what I mean? It’s a constant ...

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Understanding the Inbound Sales Process

In the world of inbound marketing (and really, the business world altogether), it can be easy to get lost amidst all the jargon and corporate buzzwords. We talk about things like “impressions” and “social media impact” now, without ever really defining those terms. I don’t think anyone really understands the value of an “impression.” Just ...

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What are the Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Dentists?

Build it, and they will come. Oh, if that were always true for dental practices.

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5 Statistics Dentists Should Know About Digital Marketing

Marketing the service industry still remains a mystery to many owners and even marketers. When you look at the dental industry, you see a blanket need, somewhat standard solutions and little ability to convey differentiating factors in advertising or promotion. This was very much the case with traditional marketing, so how can digital / ...

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What are the Necessary Components for Generating Leads Online?

When people look for marketing answers, they always seem to be looking for the same topics. How can I generate leads online? What do I write my blog articles about? How do I market on social media? We see these questions all the time, and if you look around our blog ...

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Re-Designing Your Website: What You Should Know For 2016

When was the last time your website had a redesign? If you’re running a business in the 21st century, it should have been within the last few years. Technology is moving so fast these days, your website can become obsolete in no time. Just consider, what is the most popular, fastest-rising social media platform in the world? ...

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Can I Use Facebook for Marketing Without Paying for Ads?

Although social media has only been around for a little over a decade, for many of us, it has become a part of our daily routine. If you’re bored waiting in a line, killing some time on public transportation, or even sitting on the toilet (gross, but
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