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What Can We Learn About the Future of Marketing From "Mobilegeddon"?

On April 21st, the latest Google algorithm update, which has come to be known in the media and blogspace as “Mobilegeddon”, went live. In case you haven’t been following the trail of news stories, this was announced in
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3 Things We Can Learn From Google’s Latest Algorithm Update

What many marketing professionals dubbed as “mobilegeddon” in the search engine world, finally began rolling out on April 21. Google’s latest algorithm update is meant to reward websites that are mobile-friendly in search engine results and, according to its nickname, destroy those that aren’t. This may seem cruel to some business owners, ...

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4 Reasons Your Keyword Strategy is Not Getting High Google Rankings

One of the critical components of inbound marketing is the identification and use of keywords that are prominent in your business’ field/market. Because inbound marketing is all about attracting the customer to your website, you need to use keywords that are likely to be included in Google searches related to your field – this is what ...

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Blogging Etiquette – the Dos and Don'ts in the Eyes of Google

Keeping a relevant and regularly updated blog is one of the cornerstones of a good inbound marketing strategy. Not only does it allow you to showcase your expertise in your field, it also attracts potential customers to your site and exhibits the value of your content.

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How Many Blogs do I Need to Write to Start Seeing Organic Results?

You’ve decided to embrace inbound marketing and are starting a blog for your business; excellent! This is a tremendous first step. But as you sit down at the keyboard to start typing away, you’re probably wondering: exactly how many of these blogs am I going to have to write before we start seeing some organic results? Well…


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Google Owns Your Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy should have many parts, including such things as social media, content offers and blogs. But no matter how diversified or versatile your marketing strategy is, there’s one thing you can’t escape:

Google owns it.

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No One Really Understands SEO Like Google

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been a concern for websites since the early days of the internet. You have likely seen SEO thrown out as a corporate buzzword from dozens of sources, from Fortune 500 CEOs to blog posts.

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How Come My Blog Articles Are Not Ranking High On Google Searches?

When it comes to internet commerce, Google ranking can make or break a business. The vast majority of internet users still prefer Google over any other search engine, with Google sites accounting for two-thirds ...

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