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Blogging as a Business in 2015: What You Need to Know

4 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Blog Posts

An Inside Look at Working as a Business Blogger

Being a business blogger is not an easy job. Oh sure, it sounds pretty simple: it’s just a blog, how hard can that be? Plenty of mediocre writers and thinkers have blogs of their own. But when you’re writing for a business blog, you have a very crucial role in the organization. You’re the one who’s going to ...

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The Reason Behind Blogging and Why it Creates More Website Traffic

It’s a question I have wondered once or twice myself – why the heck do we need so many blogs? As I slaved away at my keyboard (#FirstWorldProblems), agonizing over the latest paragraph, I pondered what the purpose of it all was. How could a 500-word article written by me convince someone to do business with ...

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Creating Content for Prospects in the Consideration Stage

Prospects will always undertake a “buyer’s journey.” This process describes how a customer would complete a purchase for an item that fulfills a need. There are three steps ...

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Writing for the Potential Customer: How to Pique Their Interest

Unless you’ve been writing in a professional capacity, you probably haven’t picked up a pen (or should I say, picked up a keyboard?) in a very long time: perhaps since college, or maybe even high school. The good news is, we’re not talking about writing term papers or citing research journals – mercifully, ...

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Do I Have the Time to Write a Business Blog?

If there’s one thing inbound marketers seem to spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about, it’s blogging. I suppose it’s easy to understand why: most of these people are marketers, not writers. The idea of churning out a steady stream of 300-600 word articles probably sounds like a nightmare to these ...

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3 Reasons Your Blog is Not Attracting New Website Visitors

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: most writers hate writing. Seriously. Take it from someone who writes on a daily basis, sometimes it’s a real drag. You stare at that blank page and wonder how you’re going to fill it.

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