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Pros and Cons of Facebook vs. LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

Marketing on social media has quickly become an essential part of the overall marketing strategy for many business owners. There are multiple social media platforms, but they are not all created equal. For business to business (B2B) marketing, ...

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Recipe for Social Media Marketing Success

With new social media platforms debuting all the time, larger audiences engaged online, and increasing traditional advertising costs, it makes sense why more businesses are turning to social media marketing. According to the Social Media Research Center, 78% of Fortune 500 ...

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Is Social Media Marketing Worthwhile for Your Business?

Social media can seem vapid, conceited, and a waste of time to some people, and maybe they are right. It can be full of empty conversations, unsavory opinions, and constant spam, but there is also another side to it. As a business owner, social media can actually be a marketing tool and platform to promote your company.

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What Social Media Analytics Should You Be Tracking?

Social media can be very overwhelming at times. If you are on several different social websites and aren’t completely familiar with all of them, then you are probably unsure what you should even be looking for in terms of analytics. Perhaps you have a great social media marketing strategy in place, but how can you be sure if you aren’t ...

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What to Do with Buyer Personas After Creating Them

You crafted the perfect buyer personas for your business. Maybe you looked at some of our other blog posts like how to create buyer personas for small businesses or this one on
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6 Bizarre and Unique Social Media Marketing Strategies

It seems like every business, big and small, uses social media in some form. Some are constantly posting to every known platform from Facebook to Snapchat, while others will occasionally post a new update on Twitter every 6 months. Regardless of your personal opinions about social media, it’s hard to deny its role in marketing, and it’s
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Why is Your Business Losing Followers on Social Media?

You are working hard to build up your social media presence. You read blog after blog to stay up to date on current techniques and trends. You seem to be doing everything right, yet the number of followers or likes keeps declining! Where did you go wrong? You try to change up your strategy, which works for a week until the numbers begin to ...

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Twitter Marketing Lessons from Presidential Election 2016

This presidential election has been a wild ride, and we are still in primary season! Nobody could have predicted the campaigns we have seen so far with the rise of Trump, a seemingly unknown Vermont senator challenging Secretary Clinton, and the massive mudslinging on the Republican debate stage. Another big player in this election has ...

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